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This equated to over $37 billion. SBA uses financial assets and refining capacity to measure the size of a few specialized industries. Since 2014, the table of size standards in SBA’s regulations has provided that ITVAR acquisitions under NAICS 541519, footnote 18, have a 150-employee size standard and are subject to the NMR. The Rule will likely garner a lot of attention in the coming weeks, as it proposes a number of sweeping amendments that could have a significant impact on small business government contracting.

The group at issue in this case (Category B, Group C) was a small business group. SBA is proposing to implement certain provisions of the RISE Act to establish contracting preferences for small business concerns (“SBC”) located in disaster areas and to provide agencies with double credit for awards to such concerns. NAICS 541519 represents computer related services, including computer disaster recovery services or software installation services. The Rule also addresses a few other topics such as posting notice of substantial bundling, subcontracting compliance reviews, procurement center representative reviews, and set-asides where one offer is received. Notably, however, under SBA’s recently enacted joint venture regulations, a joint venture receives an exception from affiliation if both venturers are small under the applicable NAICS code. In this regard, SBA acknowledged that the current LOS regulation has created some confusion as to how to properly treat independent contractors. or by phone at (202) 205-6618. The chart below illustrates the reported** spending by year for FY04 through Q2FY08. As such, in order to clarify its intent, the Rule revises SBA’s LOS regulation to provide that (1), where a contract is assigned a NAICS code with an employee-based size standard, an independent contractor may be deemed an employee of the firm under the terms of the Size Policy Statement and (2), where a contract is assigned a NAICS code with a receipts-based size standard, an independent contractor could not be considered an employee but, rather, would always be deemed a subcontractor.

Instructions on where and how to submit comments can be found here. Since 2014, the table of size standards in SBA’s regulations has provided that ITVAR acquisitions under NAICS 541519, footnote 18, have a 150-employee size standard and are subject to the NMR. He may be reached at sfinnerty@pilieromazza.com. • SIC Code Appends This, however, has caused some confusion, as the NMR has a 500-employee size standard. The SBA’s rules are not entirely clear. Total reported spending under NAICS 541519 for the period of Fiscal Year 2004 (FY04) through the second quarter (Q2) of Fiscal Year 2003 (FY08 aka Q2FY08) was over $22 Billion. SBA is also proposing language to clarify that recertification is required on full-and-open contracts when such contracts are awarded to SBCs. • SIC to NAICS Crosswalk Finally, there is a review of the top companies that are awarded federal government contracts for Other Computer Related Services. As such, it is unclear how this requirement will be administered. Instead, SBA will apply the multiple item rule to kit assembler acquisitions. (a) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code and small business size standard. • About Us In addition, SBA is requesting comments on whether all small business prime contractors performing set-aside or sole source contracts should be required to demonstrate compliance with the LOS to the contracting officer, and if so, how it should be demonstrated. These contracts are being performed across the continental United States and abroad. full and open competition, set-asides and more). 121.406, the SBA specified that the nonmanufacturer rule applies to the supply component of an ITVAR contract. • High Risk NAICS Code After addressing various procedural issues such as jurisdiction and standing, the Court concluded that Yorktel’s protest was an untimely challenge to the terms of the solicitation. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Aug 2019 Version. This, however, has caused some confusion, as the NMR has a 500-employee size standard. You will find information on the top federal government agencies that purchase these services, as well as their procurement strategy (i.e. Their combined contract values comprise 64% of the market share for NAICS 541519 during the period of FY04 through Q2FY08. 637(a)(17)), specifies that a nonmanufactuer must “be a small business concern under the numerical size standard . By way of background, an ostensible subcontractor is a subcontractor that is not a similarly situated entity (e.g., not a small business, SDVOSB, HUBZone, or 8(a)) and performs primary and vital requirements of a contract or a subcontractor upon which the prime contractor is unusually reliant. SBA uses two primary measures of business size—average annual receipts and average number of employees.

Electronic Data Systems achieved the top spot on the unrestricted competition list, with $5.2 billion in contract dollars for FY09 to FY13 and 14.1% of the market share. Virginia is part of the Washington, DC metropolitan, which also includes Washington, DC ($3.03B ranked 2nd) and Maryland ($2.40B ranked 3rd). Size Recertification Don’t waste marketing dollars on Incomplete Data. This accounted for over $7.4 Billion in contract dollars. But in a recent change to 13 C.F.R. Full Description & Statistics, What is NAICS Sector 54? And so, to the extent that Yorktel qualifies as non-manufacturer under the statutory non-manufacturer rule, the RFP requires that Yorktel meet the more restrictive, 150-employee, size standard to be eligible for contract award.

SBA also includes the table of size standards in the Small Business Size Regulations, 13 CFR § 121.201. In such cases, assuming that an exception to joint venture affiliation does not apply, SBA will treat the small business prime contractor and its ostensible subcontractor as joint venturers and, therefore, affiliates. In a recent decision, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims held that an ITVAR nonmanufacturer cannot qualify as small based solely on the ordinary 500-employee size standard under the nonmanufacturer rule, but instead must also qualify as small under the much smaller size standard associated with the ITVAR NAICS code exception. DC ($8.8 billion) and Maryland ($6.4 billion) took the second and third spots. • Targeted Business Lists • SBA Size Standards, • Data Append Services By Submitting This Form, you agree to let us Collect your information in accordance with our. 541519 - Other Computer Related Services *Click to View Top Businesses by Revenue for 541519 – Complete Profiles*. endstream endobj 794 0 obj <>/Metadata 79 0 R/Outlines 122 0 R/Pages 791 0 R/StructTreeRoot 123 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 795 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 791 0 R/Resources<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 796 0 obj <>stream The size standard for NAICS 541519 as it applies to that function, is 150 employees.

• SBA Size Standards, • SIC Code Search Under this rule, if the majority of the items in a kit are made by a small business, no waiver of the NMR is required, but if the majority of the items are not made by a small business, a waiver of the NMR must be obtained.

© 2020 PilieroMazza PLLC. Accurately Update, Cleanse, and Append Mission-Critical Data to your existing Customer Database. epipeline is part of Government Contracts USA, offering a range of services in government contracts, government RFPs, government bids and government procurement systems. To that end, if SBA found that the subcontractor was an ostensible subcontractor, it would treat the arrangement between the contractors as a joint venture that is not subject to an exemption from affiliation. • Cookie Policy Subcontracting Plans 888 17th Street NW Small Business Contracting in Disaster Areas PLEASE NOTE: as this is a listing by Company name, rather than PARENT company, some companies may have more than one ranking, which may not be reflected in the chart below. Moreover, the Rule provides that, if a prime contractor is relying on a similarly situated subcontractor to meet the applicable performance requirements, the similarly situated subcontractor has to recertify, and the prime cannot count the subcontractor towards its performance requirements if the subcontractor recertifies as an entity other than that which it had previously certified. If you have any other questions concerning size standards, contact a Size Specialist at your nearest SBA Government Contracting Area Office (list at the end of this table), or contact the Office of Size Standards by email at .

h��WmO�6�+���N-���NH�wH@%��R��M�H����¿��Y؅���>��O�=��K��R1����z,��`i��K�BXzR��3X��@5 York Telecom Corporation v. United States, No. Specifically, epipeline limited this to those contracts awarded under the acquisition strategies listed below. And, in a recent size appeal, a firm unsuccessfully argued that the size standard for ITVAR procurements should be the 500-employee NMR standard. 1910 Towne Centre Boulevard To get a more comprehensive analysis and learn more about how epipeline can help you identify current and future bid opportunities, register for a live Demo. This means that these states have reported contract spending between $260 Million and $8.68 Billion. This represented over $12.6 Billion for NAICS 541519. In its size determination, the SBA Area Office concluded that the applicable size standard for the procurement was 150 employees. All other acquisition strategies combined were only 0.42% of the market share. The Department of Veteran Affairs ($3.4B), the Department of the Army ($3B), DISA ($2.5B), and the Department of State ($2.3B) took the next four spots, respectively, spending a cumulative 22% of the market share.

. SBA is also requesting comments on whether the foregoing types of costs should be excluded from the calculation for purposes of measuring LOS compliance.

Competitive 8(a) contracts were valued at about $600 Million less, with approximately $292 Million in contract spending for this period. • Company Lookup Tool, • Contact Us When is a nonmanufacturer small? Annapolis, MD 21401. These contracts could include those awarded using full and open competition, small business set-aside, or any manner of restriction. • Lead Generation The contract dollars represented on this second chart may not include all contract dollars for the individual contractor. This ensures that small business size definitions reflect current economic conditions and federal marketplace in those industries. Total reported spending under NAICS 541519 for the period of Fiscal Year 2009 (FY09) through Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) was just over $50 billion. full and open competition, set-asides and more). In order to be considered a small business for this solicitation and the resulting contract, the business would need to calculate its annual receipts over its most recently completed three fiscal years and divide by three.