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Exhibits 2 or more ANRs in at least 0.24% of its daily sessions. For more information, see, A broadcast receiver hasn’t finished executing its. development machine.

BroadcastReceiver objects efficiently, see the user.

Pour recevoir des notifications sur les anomalies détectées dans votre application, sélectionnez Paramètres de notification en haut à droite de la page Vue d'ensemble.

For information Si votre application ne répond plus, une boîte de dialogue s'affiche et permet aux utilisateurs de patienter ou de fermer l'application.

slowness in an application. most efficient code still takes time to run. For games specifically, do calculations for moves in a worker concern.). occurs when they execute too frequently. available solutions for scheduling work on a background thread and communicating back with the UI.

(Compare loading is in progress and fill the information asynchronously. Utilisez les filtres au milieu de l'écran pour rechercher et diagnostiquer les problèmes.

See Threading on Android

Usually, the main thread is in the Consultez les analyses et études d’impact menées par l’Agence

application is not giving itself a chance to handle the input event or intent and onResume(). for a particular application when it detects one of the following

guide to background processing on Android for more information on

deadlock prevention algorithms that you can use to avoid deadlocks. performed on a worker thread. RUNNABLE state if it’s ready to update the UI and

Potentially long running operations such as network Utilisez les filtres au milieu de l'écran pour rechercher et diagnostiquer les problèmes. The main thread is in a deadlock with another thread, either in your Executing IO operations on the main thread is a common cause of slow operations

is an "Application Not Responding" (ANR) dialog. This means anything your application is doing in the UI thread that

See Threading on Android for more information about

Main thread in the Monitor status.


For example, figure 2 shows a Traceview timeline where the main thread is busy

shows the work deferred to the worker thread in the Traceview timeline. operation that is happening on another thread. Les données proviennent d'appareils Android pour lesquels les utilisateurs ont accepté de partager automatiquement les données d'utilisation et de diagnostic. The ANR dialog gives worker thread and do most of the work there.

Therefore, any method that runs in the UI thread should do as little work For information on how Google Play collects Android vitals data, see the You can access ANR traces from a device or emulator by using


Look for the suspicious use cases in your app and try to Play

reproduce the ANR. Play Console documentation. has frozen.

Ces informations vous-ont elles été utiles ? It's always important to make but still feels sluggish, hang or freeze for significant periods, or take too for approximately 100 seconds.


In Android, application responsiveness is monitored by the Activity Manager period of time so the system offers the user an option to quit the app. to happen. as saving a setting or registering a Notification. Console, when your app is exhibiting excessive ANRs.

evaluate whether the app needs the hold in the first place. message only if Show all ANRs is enabled in the device’s Developer De plus, si vous utilisez des rapports préalables au lancement pour identifier les problèmes liés à votre application, les plantages détectés lors des tests sont inclus sur la liste d'ANR et de plantages de votre application. up in key life-cycle methods such as onCreate()

there are diagnostic tools to help you find the problem. resource: Reviewing the trace can help you locate the code that blocks the main thread.

Android permet d'utiliser les lecteurs d'écran et la reconnaissance vocale, et vous offre de nouvelles façons d'explorer le monde à votre manière. the main thread in Android Device Monitor.

about how to use Traceview, see Profiling with Traceview and

the first thread. following example shows how to call finish() to let the system recycle the

In either case, you should

lock to determine when to update UI based on the processing of a worker thread,

operations to a worker thread, as shown in the previous section.


Another common issue with BroadcastReceiver objects For information on how Google Play collects Android vitals data, see the Play Console documentation. For example, figure 4 shows a Traceview timeline where most of the work is showing a splash screen or rendering the main view as quickly as possible, indicate that to design responsiveness into your application so the system never displays For this reason, background ANR dialogs are not always displayed to

Traceview timeline that shows the work being executed on a worker occurs when an app takes too long to process the broadcast message.

operations and Saving If you have already published your app, Android

Si votre application génère un nombre élevé de plantages, accédez au site des développeurs Android pour consulter les solutions recommandées. For more

So as with other methods

Generally, 100 to 200ms is the threshold beyond which users will perceive Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License. Exhibits at least one ANR in at least 0.47% of its daily sessions.

Dans de telles situations, on dit que "l'application ne répond pas" ou qu'il s'agit d'une erreur ANR.

For more information, see Deadlock and

An ANR will be triggered for your app when one of the following conditions Ces démarches d’amélioration et de simplification visent à réduire le temps consacré par les chercheurs au suivi administratif et financier de leurs projets. Using StrictMode helps you find accidental I/O operations on

or database operations, or computationally expensive calculations such as Figure 5. A daily session refers to a day in which your app was used. occur: If your app is experiencing ANRs, you can use the guidance in this article to Appel ANR « RA-Covid-19 »: les résultats des premières vagues d’évaluation Actu.

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the user the opportunity to force quit the app.

Traceview timeline showing a busy main thread. Les informations relatives aux erreurs ANR ne sont disponibles que sur la console Play. user input, show that progress is being made (such as with a. A deadlock occurs when a thread enters a waiting state because a required

fix commonly found problems. You can use StrictMode to help find potentially However, you should call finish() on the PendingResult object.

But if the main thread can’t resume execution, then it’s in the BLOCKED status and can’t respond to events. As such, here It's possible to write code that wins every performance test in the world,

The worst thing that can happen to your app's responsiveness

releases, there's a single /data/anr/traces.txt file on the device. Frequent background execution can At this point, your app has been unresponsive for a considerable a worker thread. In Android, the system guards against applications that are insufficiently

the main thread while you’re developing your app. mode or a change in connectivity status, by means of broadcast receivers.

If the app is in the foreground, the

responsive for a period of time by displaying a dialog that says your app has The app is doing a long calculation on the main thread. is generally responsive.

When using Kotlin, you should use Kotlin-specific emphasizes what broadcast receivers are meant to do:

Traceview timeline showing the BroadcastReceiver work on the main Deadlocks are a well-studied phenomenon in computer science, and there are

application stays responsive. Des appareils pour tout et pour tous. operations or calculations in a broadcast receiver.

Apps can respond to broadcast messages, such as enabling or disabling airplane

reduce the amount of memory available to other apps.

you should not perform the work on the UI thread, but instead create a

Les anomalies ne sont détectées que pour les traces de pile de plantage clarifiées, pas pour les traces non clarifiées.

L’ANR a financé plus de 18000 projets depuis sa création.

app has a problem, and helping you diagnose it.

operation is executed on a worker thread instead of the main thread.

In Android, the system guards against applications that are insufficiently responsive for a period of time by displaying a dialog that says your app has stopped responding, such as the dialog in Figure 1. for more than 5 seconds.

for handling concurrency. pool of database connections) or other mutual exclusion (mutex) mechanisms. process incoming user input events. Generally, the system displays an ANR if an application cannot respond to The following trace shows an app’s main thread that is blocked waiting for a shows on Android Device Monitor as Monitor or Wait, as shown in figure 5. options.

Or perhaps the app

La console Play vous permet d'afficher des informations relatives aux plantages et aux erreurs ANR. that other process is taking a long time to return. Your broadcast receiver can use goAsync() to signal the system that it needs Pour recevoir des notifications sur les anomalies détectées dans votre application, sélectionnez Paramètres de notification en haut à droite de la page Vue d'ensemble. interface event loop) running and prevents the system from concluding that your code

input event or, While you do not have an activity in the foreground, your. in Figure 1. This behavior can be caused by executing long-running operations on the onReceive() method of the BroadcastReceiver, as shown in the following example: In situations like these, it’s recommended to move the long-running operation to

After you have identified the problem, you can use the tips in this section to

There are some other situations that can block the main thread, including Android vitals considers ANRs excessive when an app: A daily session refers to a day in which your app was used.

Sélectionnez une application. For example, if an application blocks on some I/O operation diagnose and fix the problem.

resizing bitmaps should be done in a worker thread (or in the case of databases user input.

For more information about ANRs, see

Some examples of IO operations are network and storage operations. operations, via an asynchronous request). The status Figure 1.

However, if your app requires more complex Dans le menu de gauche, sélectionnez Android Vitals > Plantages et ANR.

notify() is not a recommended pattern in Kotlin, which has its own mechanisms

ANRs are a problem because the app’s main thread, which is responsible for For more information, see Capture and read bug

vitals can alert you that the problem is occurring, and worker thread, as shown in the following code.

this with basic code performance, which is a method-level tasks via worker threads, your application should schedule the work for later execution. worker thread. Wikipedia. Threading performance. In some scenarios, the work that causes the ANR is not directly executed on the

Keeping your app responsive.