causes of abortion


VAT Registration No: 842417633. Causes of Abortion: The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Abortion.There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms. There are several factors that may increase the risk of miscarriage in women. It can cause by social, economic or pregnant women health condition as well.

Abortion is also used to end a pregnancy when tests reveal that the fetus is abnormal. In the United States, abortion is used most often to end an unplanned pregnancy.

Education level in a certain country may affect the idea of the abortion practice in the public mind. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Most women are advised to follow up at the doctor's office about 2 weeks after the procedure. In addition, where a new research from New Zealand has confirmed that abortion substantially increases the risk for mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression in young women. Understanding the complexity of this decision and the reasons why a woman chooses to exercise this choice may open the doorway for compassion and understanding for women face in this painful situation. Get help from a counselor if you find it difficult to cope with a miscarriage. ", They may include rationalization, repression, and compensation. There are various types of infections that may increase the risk of miscarriage if you get them during pregnancy: Several chronic diseases may increase the risk of miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy, particularly if they are poorly controlled or not treated and uncontrolled diabetes is one of them. Retrieved: November 1, 2007, from, Inflation 2000. The method depends on how far along in the pregnancy you are, your medical history and your preference. You may feel the emotional impact of the miscarriage immediately or after several weeks. While the pregnant women smoking during pregnancy period will passes nicotine and cancer-causing drugs to the baby and smoke will also keeps the baby from getting nourishment and raises the risk of stillbirth or premature birth. Home | Symptoms | Diseases | Diagnosis | Videos | Tools | Forum | About Us | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Site Map | Advertise, Copyright © 2014 Health Grades Inc. All rights reserved. "Certain medications", "" Smoking Weed While Pregnant: What Are the Risks? Unemployment 2007. Ⓒ 2020 About, Inc. (Dotdash) — All rights reserved.

Abortion hurts women psychologically and emotionally 1999.

Spontaneous is known as miscarriage, while induced simply means termination of a pregnancy which is planned. For those pregnancies result from rape or insect, these women who are victims of the assaults often seen abortions (Abortion- Reasons for abortions 2007). The health of the mother. There is a risk in performing abortion, and if the pregnant women decide to take the risk, and so she must keen to tolerate the implication which due to abortion. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Additionally, knowledgeable in a certain nation will affect the idea of abortion in the public, and rule and regulations of a country will give an impact to the people as well. A simply define that inflation is where a situation that ‘too much money chasing too few goods’, and this will influenced directly toward the distribution approach in the market (Inflation 2000). Besides that, there is also an evidence abounds that a high proportion of women become pregnant unintentionally, in both developed and developing countries. { A woman should not have a medical abortion if she: A medical abortion of an early pregnancy usually requires three or more visits to get abortion medication and make sure all the pregnancy tissue has passed.

about your symptoms. Reasons why women have induced abortions: evidence 1998. Your habits as the mom-to-be can increase the risk of miscarriage. "Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disease in which multiple cysts are present in the ovaries making them larger in comparison to normal ovaries.

One of the main causes of miscarriage during the first trimester is the abnormal development of a fetus. Retrieved: October 31, 2007, from, So, you may enjoy sex with your partner during pregnancy for as long as you feel comfortable.  Air travel during pregnancy: air travel is not harmful to pregnancy and is considered safe; therefore, pregnant women are allowed to travel by air until the 36th week of pregnancy by most commercial airlines.  Eating hot and spicy food: eating hot and spicy food may neither cause a miscarriage nor increases your risk of having it. "Half of the miscarriages may occur because of chromosome issues. Doctors can use medications, surgery or a combination of both to end a pregnancy. Instead, there is an abnormal growth of the placenta.  Partial molar pregnancy: In this condition, the chromosomes from the mother remain; but the father also provides two sets of chromosomes. Working during your pregnancy: you don’t have to stop working, even if your work involves standing or sitting for a long time as working during pregnancy is not connected to the likelihood of having a miscarriage. Among their conclusion, breast cancer risk will increased after a term pregnancy, which is a pregnancy that results in the birth of living child or abort it (Can having an abortion cause or contribute to breast cancer 2007). Looking for a flexible role? However, you should make sure that you have no exposure to harmful radiation or chemicals at work. "Long-term health conditions", In some cases, you will need an ultrasound to determine how many weeks into the pregnancy you are and the size of the fetus, and to make sure the pregnancy is not ectopic.

However, it will lead to a number of negative effect toward pregnant women’ health, and social as too. ",

"Use of illicit drugs during pregnancy may increase the risk of having a miscarriage.

In this condition, the cervical muscles are weaker and are not able to hold the fetus.