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Click plus to add up to three base colors. Whether you’re designing a logo or painting a house, choosing colors can be frustrating. Yellow, for example, is lighter than blue. How can you creatively explore different moods or directions? A soft, sage green paint color is the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall. Use the color wheel (or our color calculator) to help you identify harmonious color combinations. Achromatic colors, anything on a scale from white to black, goes with any color, anytime. Beige adds a touch of warmth to the seafoam green, while whites and grays reflect the undertones of the green and brighten up your room. Clear All to start over. With lime green on the walls, red makes an eye-appealing complementary color without making the room too overwhelming. Neutrals and soft yellows have a calming and balancing effect, while metallics and shades of pink create small bursts of drama and glam throughout your room, all while leaving seafoam green as the focal point. Each makes the other stand out.

This delicate green is a great alternative to more typical neutrals, working well with a wide range of decorating styles, accent colors, wood tones and metal finishes. Pick a Color. Sage green looks gorgeous with other soothing tones, such as muted blues and earthy browns.

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Rotate these shapes around the central point of the color wheel to create limitless color combinations. See your swatch applied to design samples. Use the free Color Calculator to explore creative color options for your design project. Triadic color schemes use three evenly spaced colors on the color wheel. May 13, 2020 - Explore Lynn's board "Sage green with complimentary colors", followed by 127 people on Pinterest. The wall is painted green to compliment the pink gingham print on the bedding. Select pale or light yellow accent pieces, avoiding bright yellow, as it might create visual chaos against the peacefulness of seafoam green. Brighten seafoam green by opting for metallic decor. © 2020 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Tweak or explore these choices by selecting and comparing different harmonies, viewing the same harmony with different colors, adjusting saturation or value, or adding additional input colors. She obtained a B.A. If you use a complementary color it emphasize the green. Buck the trend of pumpkin and chocolate brown this fall and try on a more unique palette. Whether you choose metallic lamps, mirrors, wall coverings or a metallic mirrored table, you will amplify the beauty of your seafoam green instantly, while adding a touch of shine to your room. A black four-poster bed adds eye-catching contrast to the space.

Soft Sage: The Subtle Green That Works as a Neutral, A Massachusetts Victorian With Moody Jewel Tones and Wild Wallpaper, Making the Most of a Small, Multipurpose Space, Take a Spin Around This Bright and Sunny Kitchen. For example, consider the softer edges of red–think a light blush–when approaching this lively color scheme. How to Decorate a Modern Charcoal-Gray Sofa, How to Decorate Around Lime Green Curtains, How to Design a Nautical Bedroom for Adults, How to Use Greens & Golds for Interior Painting, Apartment Therapy: Color Spotlight -- Seafoam Green. Think of Christmas colors of green and red. When mixed with tans, browns and blacks, sage green takes on a darker, earthier tone. Here, yellow and black barstools add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Sage green is a perfect color choice for Craftsman architecture, accentuating the style's other natural elements. In this kitchen, it complements warm wood shutters and barstools and a green floral wallpaper. An emerald green can be used with magenta red. Like what you’re seeing? Bear in mind that color is very psychological and different color harmonies produce different effects. Experiment with different harmonies to achieve the desired mood or effect. Soft sage is the perfect solution if you want to add a touch of color to your walls without overpowering the space.

Staring at one color for a long time and then staring at a white wall allows the eye to show the complementary color in an afterimage. The color wheel is a chart representing the relationships between colors. For a fresh, not fussy, approach, stick to one color scheme and balance large-scale prints (like the floral and gingham) with small ones (like the plaid and block print).

Anything goes with green, the factor determining if it looks okay is the ratios and properties of both your green and what you happen to combine it with. This complementary color scheme will feel fresh all year long. Shades of sage, forest green, gray and cranberry red add warmth and richness to this outdoor fall tablescape. To add just the right amount of drama and sophistication to your seafoam green, use pink sparingly around your room, in pillows, flowers, a small pink rug or a pink patterned footstool. Red is the complementary color to green; therefore, pinks are a strong option when decorating with seafoam green. Here, a soft green wall is accented with pinecones, berries and branches for a fall-inspired vignette. Split complements use a color and the two adjacent tertiary colors of its complement. Painters use it to identify colors to mix and designers use it to choose colors that go well together. The classic color wheel shows hues arranged in a circle, connected by lines or shapes.

Click the color harmony symbol to complete the color scheme. Mint green can be used with a bold bright red. Each hue on the online color wheel has a different inherent value.

Monochromatic color schemes use three different values of the same color. Here, they create a serene backdrop for a freestanding soaking tub and a large island. Copyright © 2020 Sessions College for Professional Design. ©2016, HGTV/Scripps Networks, LLC. 2. Furnishings and decor in metallic colors, whether gold, silver or bronze, contribute a sense of old-world glamor and glitz to your room without being overbearing. The subtle hint of color looks great with wood tones, stainless steel and various types of stone. Designs. See Results. The soft, grayish-green color of sage leaves is an ideal choice when designing a bedroom.

In this kitchen, it complements warm wood shutters and barstools and a green floral wallpaper. Paired with crisp white linens and muted green and blue throw pillows, this sage-colored bedroom looks bright and fresh. Not just for fall, sage green can complement your decor all year long. Oddly, adding another greenish (someone mentioned teal) color will play down the green whereas the complementary (purple or brick) will only make the green more obvious.

Choosing the Right Colors Choosing the right colors for you requires a lot of creativity and experimentation. All rights reserved. The following color harmonies are based on geometric relationships on the color wheel. Simply pick your base color(s), choose a color harmony, tweak/explore as needed, and see results. Traditional spring colors, like hot pink and lavender, add contrast against sage green throw pillows and window treatments in this bedroom. Click the first field to open the color picker and slide to select your desired hue (such as red, violet, or blue). Choose a sofa or chair that has red in it, and use it as a decorative accent, such as a vase or lampshade, to make that color pop.

On the color wheel, the complementary color to green is red, a color combination that opens up opportunities for playing with tone and saturation. Tetradic color schemes use two complementary pairs. The colors making up your harmony will display in the color calculator swatches and on the interactive color wheel.

The hex codes can be found underneath each of the color swatches. Analogous color schemes use three adjacent colors on the color wheel.

Want to create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom? © Gibbs Smith, Farrow and Ball, Brian D Coleman, Edward Addeo (photographer), Photo By: Sarah Dorio/Flynnside Out Productions When choosing colors to complement seafoam green, consider your existing decor, and select colors that won't detract from the beauty of the seafoam green. Color Harmony Basics How to choose colors that really work?