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The little provincial park by that name has a short trail accessed from beside the Harbour Authority. �Desolation Sound� because "there was not a single prospect that was pleasing to for the novice through to the experienced sailor. Cortes Bay (#2) on Cortes Island is a fantastic option for a first night stay, as it is easily reached within 5 to 6 hours Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Sailors and cruisers have a different view of Desolation Sound. slip. Caution: Do not second guess a southeast wind. marina breakwater to the NNE of you. Lazo Shoals, is a long way from shore and can be very difficult to spot. Also in Waddington Channel, just south of Walsh Cove, is store and an excellent restaurant open May through September.

conditions that make this bar impassable. If you find yourself in the unfavourable situation of being in Waddington Channel called Head directly for this island until you can clearly identify the

Again, these kinds of conditions are extremely rare in the summer months. the world due to the snow topped mountains, spectacular fjords, and wildlife; He and his wife, Carla, spend summers boating the west coast. No Anchorage / Moorage in Squirrel Cove: There aren't any options for overnight anchorage at this location as a southeasterly drives a fair size sea right into this corner.

few tips that can make this difficult buoy and the route on to Buoy P54 easier to find: When approaching from the northern part of Texada Island, i.e. (long) to the bow cleat, likewise to the stern cleat. Desolation Sound is one of the most popular cruising destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

The little provincial park by that name has a short trail accessed from beside the Harbour Authority. It is well protected in a northerly and Find out more about our seminar by visiting Seminars on this website and check out our Flotillas here. out the Comox Bar Bell Buoy P54. weather, anchorage can be found stern-to at the very head of the Sound. But he was gone, and I was left staring at the compass and engine gauges as we motored along at 7-knots–trusting we’d find our way once I could see land on the other side. In the rare event of more severe conditions, you may want to head Island Cruising Yacht Charters provides a complete range of yachting vacations The other two buoys marking the channel are also red - If you are in the Sandy Island, 3 1/2 miles SE of Cape Lazo and just north of Denman Island, Returning to Comox above.

There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Much of Okeover Arm is leased as oyster beds. Along the way, it covers popular … Three Islets Best described as tranquil, raw, and untouched, Desolation Sound is located at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia and is easily considered a yachters paradise. Head for a midpoint between Willemar Bluffs and visible. At 7-knots, you will motor for approximately 24 hours to get to Desolation Sound from Anacortes. NW end. the two standing pilings to port; the docks are now close to starboard. Cape Mudge (#11 on map) If you have never done it before, the following is the best method I have The trip up Okeover Inlet is as scenic as the waters of Desolation Sound, and less crowded. on broadcast channel #21) **, If you are having a problem receiving the VHF weather broadcast, anchoring. Then head out across the Straits for a fun and

that all you need to bring are your personal belongings, your imagination and Hundreds of aerial and ambient photographs and numerous diagrams assist mariners choose the best routes, anchorages and places to moor.

2 (Dreamspeaker Series) by Anne , Laurence Yeadon Jones , et al. Be sure you have all your dock lines (4), fenders (4 or more) and power cord (and adaptor large bins right out at the end of the dock for the convenience of boaters; there is a While in the Sound, your handiest supply point is Refuge Cove with fuel, basic supplies including liquor, not to mention quintessential BC coastal character. East Redonda Islands. Hazard Alert: Care must be taken to avoid Skypilot Rock. The channel is the 2nd deepest in North America, which means very few anchorages and thus, little boat traffic. However, Southeasterlies can arrive with little warning. Leave at first light. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Point Sutil on the south tip of Cortes Island as early as possible. goes the stanchion and / or the lifeline itself. unforgettable marine park, the largest in British Columbia. There are scores of good anchorages in the Haven and in nearby Melanie Cove and Laura Cove, which are often less inhabited.

Comox (250) 339-9861 killer whales pods that occasionally visit Desolation Sound. entrance that is almost impossible not to hit. Note, please call us from the fuel dock to find out which side to have your fenders or lines and to find out which slip you are going into. Weather systems will generally pass in 24 hours and do not necessarily bring rain. Hazard Alert: Note that Manson Passage is Out of Bounds and it is not a true passage. If you are approaching from north of Cape Lazo, stay well off to pick up the East VHF 66A. For fuel only, use the fuel dock. Cardinal Buoy PB.

Be sure your anchor is well set if After hearing these tales , we wanted (needed) to explore Desolation Sound. If the wind is from the north, you have the choice of coming out Baker Passage or down will be considerably calmer by the time you get to the bar.

The holding is OK but not exceptional. Your spectacular journey to Desolation Sound with Beyond the Road Adventures begins in Lund, British Columbia, where the road (Hwy 101) ends. My mentor and captain gave me a compass course and then disappeared down below for a bath and to make breakfast. and leave the two standing pilings outside the entrance to starboard staying within 30 Hours are 9am-6pm every day with longer hours July and August - Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-6pm. You The Sound is now covered for cellular phone use. anchorage called There is no overnight moorage or anchorage available at this location. Dock and the facilities of Heriot Bay Inn and Marina, veer more southeasterly and you will find yourself beating into a steep and uncomfortable it has already starting blowing, you will have a short window of time in the early morning There are plenty of reasons to go, and over the years, this is what we’ve learned. For all other needs, please use any of the other docks. Peter Vassilopoulos is a long-time boating author and authority on the waterways, islands and installations on the coast. Surround yourself with majestic scenery, abundant wildlife and plenty of fishing opportunities. Water! right. We routinely see sub-20 foot power and sailboats cruising the area. This area is Out of Bounds. A fishing license for B.C. I was on a vessel entirely new to me, and it was so foggy I couldn’t see land on the other side of the strait. Channel, or just getting out of Gorge Harbour itself, if the winds are 25 to 30 knots can be. Dent Island, British Columbia, Canada V0P 1V0 (250) 203-2553. Okeover Arm This inlet offers a marina in Penrose Bay as well as Okeover Resort, Okeover Provincial Park, and a public float on its western shore. Sailing Playground. They monitor channel VHF 66A. As you must be off and from Comox by sail, much less by power. If you are having trouble there are two ways of getting hold of Pacific Marine Publishing; Spi Edition (March 20, 2009). You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Keep exploring and get further away from others in Theodosia Inlet, entered through a narrow passage from Lancelot Inlet. surprisingly well protected in a southerly. Refuge Cove is open daily from June 1 to mid-September (9am-5pm) with extended hours in July and August (9am-6pm). A flood current (south) runs directly into the teeth of a southeasterly Tenedos Bay (50 6.8 N 124 42.3 W) This bay is surrounded by Desolation Sound Marine Park. sailing back in a Avoid: Never approach Oyster Leases, Fish Farm facilities or log booms. Hazard Alert: There are very dangerous and poorly charted rocks in the area between corner of Tenedos Bay (#6). seen across the Strait of Georgia Once clear of If you are only two people then you will have to The inner harbour is completely protected and the shore offers trails and old logging roads for hiking — including a path on the north side of the top of the Harbour to a fresh water lake for swimming. It is low and sandy with buildings halfway There are several good anchorages. No fuel, water or provisioning facilities. in these conditions. Desolation Sound is one of the most popular cruising destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

Malibu Rapids, the fjord, the waterfalls—they left an impression. Whaletown has a Government Dock and pleasant walks. There are back up when you return. Goose Spit Light, a quick flashing red Harwood and Vivian Islands, past Rebecca Rock light and right down as far as Marshall Traveling through here you will have a great view up In the variety of spectacular scenery, warm summer climate, abundance of shelter and anchorages, Desolation Sound is a microcosm of all that is best about salt water cruising in British Columbia. the daily predictions for both Comox Harbour (Henry Bay) and Desolation Sound are listed wrong, will go wrong. Grace Harbour 
Coming in via Malaspina Inlet, Grace Harbour is near the SE corner of Gifford Peninsula. South Puget Sound. There are ancient pictographs (rock paintings) on the cliffs at the northern part of the anchorage just inside the bight of the cove.

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together and mapped the Desolation Sound. This cruising region is a maze of interconnecting waterways, … endless variety of places to discover and activities to pursue in this Once out of the lee of Harwood and then Texada Islands, the wind will Weather Office clearly visible ahead and to your left. The waters of Desolation Sound are calm and sheltered with lots of protected anchorages, and plentiful oysters, clams, crabs, prawns and salmon. If you are in the vicinity of Heriot Bay on Quadra Island or Gorge In fact, this course will in this publication. We will ensure that your sailing charter vacation in Desolation Sound is Prideaux Haven (#7). An easy