diary of a prosecutor ep 2

I like the posters made by the investigators. Seon-woong brings up the victim’s son’s hospitalization, but Myung-joo doesn’t think it’s relevant. I don't buy her "helping other prosecutors" line for a moment; it's a power play, pure and simple, and summarily concluding a case without even bringing in the prosecutor who has been on it for months - that's just petty punishment.

She conducts high-dollar fraud by trade and has the power to bankrupt small businesses. Stage two of his cramps started at the lunch where Myung-joo had poached Jung-woo. At lunch, Myung-joo shocks everyone when she asks to meet with them all later in Min-ho’s office. Yoon-jin and Myung-joo hold Seon-woong back as he makes to confront Prosecutor Nam.

Myung-joo says, so long as she’s there, the branch can’t stay like this and to think of it as her lessening their burden (you know, rather than outperforming them). appId : '127538621120543', She was the first female prosecutor with the carpenter’s ruler, and everyone was good to her. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

He can barely contain his excitement as he moves to her office. No, they just take it for granted. Jung-woo realizes they’re talking about the influencer Baek Ki-bok. I've lost count already how many times each of them made a killing with their case or did something good. FB.init({ version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 He denies stealing the case and tells her the real owner of the ruler would find her pathetic for obsessing over it when she obviously left it behind on purpose. She could personally hold a briefing or even get named Prosecutor of the Year.

Thereafter, Chief Kim favored Team 2, which led to Prosecutor Nam’s and Min-ho’s ongoing feud. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Chief Kim argues they’re not torturers, but his friend seems to think they get to decide what ethical means as society’s elites. :)) He just had to do something, so he was thinking of sponsoring a kid and wanted others to join him.

On their way back, Team 2 is all smiles at Min-ho’s “victory.” But Myung-joo thinks deleting the videos is going too far. Ji-hyeon comments that she’s pretty but won’t say anything else. Their argument over the Jeongsu Industries case was interesting in that they both were fighting for justice but from different vantage points. But it’s not always that simple. He welcomes their suit and would be happy to broadcast it. After Min-ho shoos them from his office, Seon-woong chases after Myung-joo but she ignores him. Now that everyone is in place, including the "Spiderman" character, hopefully the story will zip along at a quicker pace. As Chief Kim leaves the Fog, the other three stare after him. In the end Chief Kim did have too much ambition for his career and maybe his outlook was realistic that punishing them too heavily could cause major repercussions that could negatively impact prosecutors who weren't involved. That said, it wasn’t a happily ever after—Chief Choi stuck around, although he calmed down considerably. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); At dinner, Jong-hak plays peacekeeper since Yoon-jin and Seon-woong are both fed up with Myung-joo. Somehow I feel I have met these characters in a different country with a different names :) Hong Jong was great as a a kind of manager who does not like having any responsibility :) As the ruler: when someone exhibit it as an art pieces to show how great they were , the other just uses as a can opener :) I may have been the older around here I have met these guys in my working life adventures :) It is so real May be that's why I really like the show . He loudly proclaims to his team that if anyone got in his way, he’d cut them off and get payback.

Especially since I was expecting something to develop between him and Myung-joo. The previous one were very friendly and made time to visit our office and joked around with us.

I understand why Seon-woong and Min-ho feel bad about their part in Chief Kim’s situation, but I have to say, I agree with Myung-joo about where the responsibility lies. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Seon-woong claims that, with this special reinvestigation, those results probably won’t matter. His Jeongsu Industries case has been reassigned to Myung-joo, and he wants it back. They are not hiding her until the smoke dies down, they wanted her gone. or

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Throwing her weight around on Day 2 just smacks of egotism and someone who definitely needs to learn about being a team player. I am on the opinion that the show's 'unusual' approach to present the story it's what made it more enjoyable, the viewer got to know the characters through daily tasks, sometime (often?

One of the prosecutors recalls Prosecutor Nam was sick the first time the teams went to the Fog to drink. The hand-crafted poster with messages in the shape of a fish was adorable. Jong-hak suddenly recites the poem (of Chief Kim infamy) to encourage him not to disgrace his parents.

Someone from Jong-hak’s office calls Ki-bok to threaten a civil suit if the video isn’t taken down. They’re shocked he posted incriminating evidence against himself. But he wanted to teach him there’s other things that matter.

In the elevator, Seon-woong decides to offer an olive branch and invite Myung-joo to join them for dinner on him. It was golden. This episode was really good, i have warmed up to all the characters and even Cha pro! FB.init({ But I had the feeling that, hurt as he may be, Chief Kim didn't care about that, and at the end that's what he showed us: he doesn't want to be lawyer, because he is a prosecutor and he wants to be a better prosecutor, and he doesn't care where o who is his boss. But you've got to hand it to the man because even with not much to do, he managed to be so on point with his facial expressions, making every scene so entertaining.

I like drama about people but for that I need to like the characters... and until now, I don't in this drama.

However, I can't help shake that it feels odd - as if she is finishing another project or not totally chipper.

That’s cold. FB.init({ I love this show. Seon-woong narrates that many prosecutors shed tears over this case. I initially watched it on an illegitimate site and the original music was perfect. She stoically awaits him, hair blowing in the breeze, and asks, “What kind of mission have you undertaken?” This is amazing. “A prosecutor received sexual favors through a CEO of a transportation company suspected of embezzlement.

Myung-joo orders Jung-hwan to retrieve old case files that include a reason for their delay and a one-page summary from the prosecutor in charge. As they spoke, she scrolled through the bios of Jinyeong prosecutors and did a double-take when she saw Seon-woong. Supposedly, the ruler symbolizes the ideal of everyone being treated equally by the law. I'm going to miss this show so much. To Jung-woo’s delight, the interviewee happens to arrive early, so he finishes with time to spare. Yoon-jin worries they’re both too stubborn to give in. Wait, so does that mean someone just rented out their baby?