eisenwald metallum

never what they appearbut a semblance As within & so without, Or maybe it’s because I believe that the Dave Matthews Band is the very worst thing that humanity has ever produced.” What’s in a name?

cut, cauterize & conceal our scars

To this day it remains one of my favorite songs, and it paved the way to their debut album, Vol.

And where in the world did I stand “First off, I’d like to apologize if you can’t hear me too well. As one might be able to forecast, this opening period of serenity presented by a progressive metal band was bound to come to an end. for leaf & fern, my heart shall yearn

Or perhaps it’s because, in my mind, a great band becomes something greater than the sum of its parts, a whole that transcends any one of its members.

Powered by a disciplined, beefier death-metal heart and reigning in the sprawl a touch, the trio's second album is one of 2020's great metal albums. The Voice Legendary Recommended for you Featuring Danish singer/producer Astrid Engberg and newcomers Bless The Mad.

Lying above & flying below Comes in Die-Cut Slipcase made of special card stock. Opulent Decay is their third attempt to get this tricky recipe right, showcasing an intriguing blend of eras and styles which results in something very old sounding and full of occult auras.” Olden magic. Individualism versus collectivism,

Deluxe double 180g vinyl version. returning stellar supernal essence This is my second favorite from mgła after Exercises in Futility. severing schackles from my body‘s thrall Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in 1280 x 960 resolution or higher. dispel what is left behind, Another great record from a great band. No Place Here 4. I, which took that single and pushed the style into heavier territory, most notably with the vocals. Deluxe double 180g vinyl version.

let it be abortion that now grants us none The band with “Djinn” have accomplished in making a full album experience, while also succeeding in each individual song being able to stand on it’s own, the anthemic hymns “No Place Here” and “Between Two Worlds” show the band’s ambition and sheer talent as a unit, this is where they display an infectious 1970’s hard rock groove and prog rock vibe without any form of extra embellishments in the production or samples, as the band still proudly affirm themselves as a black metal band, in tracks like “The Great Mirage”, “In the Absence of Matter” and “Forestless” the band display a combination of classic heavy metal riffs and even some punk hooks, the melodic and atmospheric side of the band’s music is what holds all these seemingly disparate influences together, the aforementioned “The Great Mirage” and the monumental album closer “Between Two Worlds” have a ritualistic atmosphere in key moments, which are then followed by their excellent melodies and riffs. Where are these giants of old Nothing in this life is granted

UADA Black Metal from the Pacific Northwest Djinn, released 25 September 2020 1.

& devour diadems of decaying divinity “Once again, I picked promo for an irrelevant reason. and through your fingers let it fall

within the embers of our own obscenity These illusions flourish like dead flowers in the wind

“The retro waves never stop crashing ashore, they just shift decades.

To insist immunity in the light of a false alliance, squealing foolishness to accompany the continued acts of their defiance. Distort the realms of time, to our will it shall bend shatter vessels of thriving doubt guided sightless is the humankind When the angels are blind. Let it be these beasts that will come for me

“The gentle field recordings kicking off Myth of I‘s self-titled debut album are just what I need to hear in the midst of experiencing a global pandemic. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Pressed on classic BLACK vinyl with a gatefold jacket, 12" booklet, poster, and download. they deny our light to embrace their gloom

First track taken from the upcoming debut album "Gone", to be released in late August.

FLUISTERAARS Perhaps as an effect of the rural isolation and folkloric mysticism of the region where the band has its roots, Fluisteraars have a very distinctive style: raw atmospherics molded into blackened psychedelic folk-rock. The follow-up to the debut full-length and insider tip ‘À La Lumière Des Cendres’ (Morbid Winter Rec.) Or, as GardensTale put it to me, the feeling that “I’m probably just not good enough for the album”? Djinn - Lyrics: Comes in Die-Cut Slipcase made of special card stock.

for the cost of gain, blackened by the touch of fire & smoke Where logic holds no validity over emotion, it is the taste of entitlement that detracts the relevance of their devotion. The sound of birds chirping delicately and water rippling steadily over a bed of rocks calm my nerves and help to flatten the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been wringing myself on. “I have an irrational aversion to bands that name themselves after people. “Our overlord’s prolonged stay in the dark dungeons of higher education has yielded mostly secondhand stress and delayed Record o’ the Month articles for Angry Metal Guy Himself. as they descend with communal ad hominem channeling casuistic clout. Uada definitely benefited from a polished production as heard on their previous record where everything sounded crystal clear and great, in this album, the overall production sounds good and all the instruments are audible, but there’s a noticeable emphasis on the guitars and bass, which are overexposed in some areas, the drums are pushed back for the most part and sound very echoey, in some track this effect works, like the atmospheric parts of the longest songs, but in the shorter tracks where the focus is on speed and melody they sound too distant, the same can be said for the vocals which are soaked in reverb, again, in certain parts it works phenomenally well, but in other parts they sound too loud or not loud enough, this is what I mean when the mixing seems unbalanced, as some parts sound better than others, and its very noticeable given the cleaner production. The distribution of one‘s own confusion Be oh luminous Sol a pawn & Luna our queen of queens James Diamond, Hidden History of the Human Raceby Blood Incantation, supported by 223 fans who also own “Djinn”, A truly tremendous album!

Holocaustic - "Exhibit C" - 2020 • Death / Thrash Metal • USA • 320kbps 01. like infernal parched tongues Embracing the glory (ensemble).” Double Glory Awaits. “First off, I’d like to apologize if you can’t hear me too well. It lacked a sense of unity. And we wait for the cowards to take their leave, for there is no trust, no virtue and definitely no honor among these thieves.

Comes in Die-Cut Slipcase made of special card stock.

If it isn’t, well, then I guess I don’t care. boundless together in our cognation, bones & horrors of old

Binah, enchant me, so I may never need again Not to mention Jake Superchi’s trademark howling growls and screeches, if there’s one thing that makes Uada stand out is definitely Superchi’s vocals, the man sounds like a werewolf mid-transformation in the middle of a pagan moon ritual, and he also dabbles in spoken work with ominously precise effect.