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950 miles (1,530 km) of sidewalks constructed or initiated. Voters were alarmed about crime and wary of Metro's monorail plans, so Lanier's campaign promise to kill the monorail and put more cops on the street resonated at the polls. Burge and Lanier's wife Elyse told KPRC2 the roadway honor is a fitting tribute.

Background Bob Lanier was elected three times in the 1990s before term limits forced him from office in 1998. Lanier bitterly chewed out Whitmire for essentially calling a news conference on his front lawn. John E. Castillo – District I . Lanier and his wife Elyse lived in Houston, as do their seven children and 11 grandchildren. Lanier could be a fiery combatant at City Hall, with his folksy demeanor flaring into angry outbursts that betrayed a searing mean streak. Initially employed by Baker & Botts law firm, Lanier practiced for a decade before switching gears to pursue a business career. He passed away on Dec. 20 at age 89. This was much needed at that time in the early 1990s. 11,810 abandoned dangerous building units demolished by the city and an additional 3,714 buildings voluntarily demolished by property owners. Former Mayor Bob Lanier’s passing in December produced not only expressions of sorrow but unleashed a flood of fond stories that illustrated his affable personality and how he made Houston a better place. I have been with the City of Houston for almost 10 years. Bob Lanier served as Houston's Mayor in the 1990s. HOUSTON – Former mayor Bob Lanier left his mark on Houston while serving the city and now the Grand Parkway will bear his name across seven counties in his honor.. Lanier, who died in … He was a wonderful leader, but also a good friend. Thank you for all the hard work you have put in. City Savvy asked city employees to share their memories and comments about Lanier’s contributions to the city. 935 traffic signals and controllers upgraded. Felix Fraga – District H . 390.8 miles (628.9 km) of water mains replaced or initiated. His work in finance brought a Bond Market Association Award. 110 miles (180 km) of water and sewer lines to serve families without city water and sewer service. When then City Controller George Greanias refused to do what the mayor wanted, Lanier threatened to have him thrown into jail. In the 1991 Houston Mayoral election, Lanier challenged Whitmire and won on the promise of putting more police on the streets, abandoning the METRO rail plan, and diverting transit funds into paving roads and sidewalks. Lanier's victory bitterly upset many black voters who hoped Turner would become the city's first African-American mayor. As mayor, Lanier was known for strengthening the police force and reducing crime, upgrading infrastructure, enhancing parks and neighborhoods, promoting community and workplace diversity and acknowledging the achievements of city employees. About 10 of them were delivered tied together with a ribbon. Conservative activists, who opposed a program guaranteeing minority business owners a cut of city contracts, gathered enough petition signatures to force a voter referendum on the issue. Billy Burge, Lanier's long-time friend and a former developer, got approval from state and city officials to rename completed sections of the 180-mile roadway as the Mayor Bob Lanier Memorial Parkway. Turner led Lanier in the general election and polls indicated he was on course to become mayor. He hired an aggressive police chief, a former internal affairs cop named Sam Nuchia, who didn't hesitate trying unorthodox tactics. [2] During this period, Lanier became an outspoken critic of a plan by Houston's Mayor Kathy Whitmire and METRO, Houston’s public transit authority, to build a monorail system. Long after he left the mayor's office, his desk was often littered with thick reports on public policy issues, along with books on subjects ranging from urban affairs to global economics. Supporters of the transit agency later concluded they probably couldn't build a rail system if they had to fight Lanier, so they struck a compromise with him, agreeing to spend some of Metro's funds on streets and roads. At the time of his death, he was Houston's oldest living mayor. After the war, Lanier pursued his education and careers in law, public service, banking and real estate investments. Mayor Bob told Stephanie Burke, the director, that he wanted a general employee newsletter. Mayor Lanier was a fine man, a great mayor and friend. As mayor, he was affectionately referred to as "Mayor Bob."[5]. Often described as larger than life, the late Mayor Bob Lanier left a lasting impact on the City of Houston. 464,578 cubic yards of trash removed by the city. Lanier oversaw a $2.5 billion budget and directed the construction, maintenance and operation of the state's highway system. Lanier oversaw a $2.5 billion budget and directed the construction, maintenance and operation of the state's highway system. 20,536 homeless persons and individuals with AIDS assisted. His whole goal was to create a city that lifted up the quality of life, so people would want to move back in the city. Lanier averaged 88 percent in his re-election races, with strong support in each political party and ethnic group. 2,673,348 potholes filled with 48-hour maximum response time. 78.3 miles (126.0 km) of rehabilitated sewer lines completed or initiated. Robert Clayton Lanier (March 10, 1925 – December 20, 2014) was an American businessman and politician. I never worked with him personally, but I certainly felt the positive impact from his leadership. Bob Lanier, the political kingmaker who shambled out of smoke-filled rooms to become one of Houston's most popular and powerful mayors, died on Saturday. But in the early 1980s, Lanier recognized that rising interest rates and declining inflation were creating what was essentially a sharp rise in the cost of borrowing money. Thanks to you, we have better things going for us than we had. In December 1989, Whitmire fired Lanier from his post as Metro chairman. 312,648 traffic control signs installed and maintained. 312,648 traffic control signs installed and maintained. In 1983, Governor Mark White appointed Lanier to the Texas Highway Commission, where he served as chairman until 1987. Lanier served as mayor … 188.21 miles (302.89 km) of new sewer lines completed or initiated. He passed away on Dec. 20 at age 89. One of his lesser-known accomplishments after leaving office was his leadership of the public-private partnership that built the Hilton-Americas, the convention center hotel whose construction had eluded a generation of mayors. I loved the Laniers, and I continue to have a soft spot in my heart for his family. Mayor Lanier also headed the corporation that oversaw construction of the city's new Hilton Americas – Houston, the city’s first convention center hotel – a project that started during his administration. She discovered a letter that was sent 25 years ago to mayor Lanier from the aunt of Heman Sweatt. Houston Developer Ed Wulfe knew Lanier well. My thoughts and prayers are with Elyse and the entire Lanier family.”. It was a real pleasure to serve in his administration. Colleagues remember former Mayor Bob Lanie, Houston Mayor Bob Lanier passed away at the age of 90 on Saturday, Former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier passed away Saturday at the age of 89, Former Mayor Bob Lanier left lasting legacy. On December 20, 2014, Lanier died at the age of 89 in Houston, Texas from natural causes. 5,287 units of public housing completed or approved by city council. My guard was down; he had won me over. His work in transportation earned him the National Auto Dealers' Award. That's when longtime Houston Mayor Kathy Whitmire made the biggest mistake of her political life: Crossing Bob Lanier. So the newly elected Mayor Lanier quickly worked to patch up his frayed relations with African-American voters.

The cause of death was not immediately released. [4], Lanier spent months searching for a politician who could knock the 5-term Mayor Whitmire out of office but ultimately, he decided to do it himself. We're told the Texas Department of Transportation will install a few more of the signs in the future once construction on the remaining portions of the tollway is complete. Crime reduced by 246,323 major felonies compared to 1991 rate. Bob Lanier's broad popularity cut across ethnic and party divides, as he served three terms in office from 1992-98. He will be greatly missed.

Driver running from cops slams into innocent family, American, United Airlines furlough thousands, 29-year-old woman reported missing in west Houston, All Game 2 runs scored by past and present Astros, Montgomery Co. man charged with child sex assault, 5-year-old sends Baby Yoda to help crews with wildfires, One person shot and killed at Clear Lake gas station, Senate approves bill to avoid government shutdown, sending it to Trump, Mayor Turner announces full police reform changes, Pelosi and Mnuchin have 'extensive' talks on COVID-19 relief, Police searching for missing 69-year-old man, FBISD shares COVID-19 plans as students return to campus, If viewing on our news app, tap here to see. 41,322 streetlights installed, 2,512 streetlights authorized for installation. Lanier served as Houston's mayor from 1992 to 1998, riding into office on a promise to put more police on the streets, abandon a Metro monorail plan …

So, thanks to Mayor Bob’s desire for employee newsletters, I spent 12 years working with a talented and creative staff in a job I loved. President Clinton once commented that Lanier was one of the best mayors in the nation. When drug dealing became rampant at a southwest Houston apartment complex, police swooped in like an occupying army and all but sealed off the complex for weeks. Today, downtown Houston's skyline bears two conspicuous reminders of Lanier's influence. 464,578 cubic yards of trash removed by the city. Before winning his first race for mayor in 1992, Lanier served as chairman of both the Texas Highway Commission and METRO, the Metropolitan Transit Authority. For reporters, it was hard to maintain impartiality.
This is a list of people who have served as mayor of the city of Houston in the U.S. state of … [2] During this period, Lanier became an outspoken critic of a plan by Houston's Mayor Kathy Whitmire and METRO, Houston’s public transit authority, to build a monorail system. Also, the former first lady of Houston couldn't be happier about it. Lanier rode into office on the promise of putting more police on the streets, abandoning a Metro monorail plan and diverting transit funds into paving roads and sidewalks. Class of 2020 persevered despite pandemic, Nick Anderson sings a new toon for the Office of Government Relations, COVID-19 sends disease detectives into outbreak overdrive, Fighting coronavirus with facts: PIOs in the pandemic.

The two challengers gutted the incumbent mayor's voting base, and on election night, a humiliated Whitmire ended up in third place.