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History: Economic History Collaborative Research* Palmyra Atoll Interdisciplinary: General Puerto Rico Indiana 044

1997 Library Gateway to research is aimed at those who wish to access UK research information, with a particular focus on innovation intensive SMEs. Humanities Projects in Libraries and Archives District of Columbia It provides students, graduates and researchers information on scholarships and grants. National Organization Communications: Composition and Rhetoric Special Initiatives* Literature: Italian Literature

Arts: Art History Midway Islands North Dakota Libraries Implementation Interdisciplinary: African Studies Fellowships for Younger Scholars 078 Planning and Assessment Studies Next Generation Humanities PhD (Implementation) National Heritage Preservation Projects Interdisciplinary: Hispanic American Studies Non-Profit Educational Center Education Programs* Fellowships and Stipends for Professionals 053 Literature: Spanish Literature

HBCU High School Humanities Institutes 1990 History: Latin American History Alaska Professional Association Exhibitions: Planning* 2015 2001 Humanities Connections

Missouri Interdisciplinary: History and Philosophy of Science, Technology, and Medicine NEH Teacher-Scholar Program Law: Legal History America's Media Makers: Production Grants Program Development/Planning Grants Social Science: Anthropology

History: Labor History Religion: Comparative Religion 037 Distinguished Teaching Professorships (Challenge) History: Renaissance History State Projects* Fellowships at Centers for Advanced Study 081 Libraries Planning Institutions, Date range beginning 033 Small Grants to Libraries: America's Music Public Programs* Arts: All 099, Field(s) of project

Fellowships Open Book Program* Spring & Fall Grants Spring … State Humanities Councils General Operating Support Grants* Schools for a New Millennium 2020 2009 Fellowships* Challenge Grants for Miscellaneous Institutions Small Grants to Libraries: Louisa May Alcott 041 1979 Funding. 2019 040 Social Science: General Illinois Humanities-Funded Project: “Talkin’ Trash: Building Youth Resilience Through Community Action” Location: Riverwoods, IL Organization:…, Mark Hallett, Program Manager, Grants 005 America's Media Makers: Development Grants Arts-Related Organization Seminars at Black Colleges Professional School Humanities Discussions* History: Near and Middle Eastern History History: Diplomatic History

America's Historical and Cultural Organizations: Implementation Grants Seminars for School Teachers* Marshall Islands 1983 Languages: Latin American Languages

Institutional Planning and Development Heroes of History Lecture History Project 019 General Museum Philosophy: Other Fellowships at Digital Humanities Centers

061 Exemplary Awards Arts: Other History: History of Science Navassa Island 1969 Humanities Teacher Leadership Program Humanities Open Book Program* Community Conversations* Colorado Michigan 2003 Interdisciplinary: African American Studies Humanities Teacher Leadership (Dodge Foundation Funds) 1987 History: All 1982 Natural History Museum 080 Special Projects Social Science: Linguistic Anthropology 1973 Preservation Education and Training* Jarvis Island Professional Organizations and Societies (Challenge) Secondary School Regional Center Planning Grants Interdisciplinary: International Studies

Social Science: Psychology Philosophy: Phenomenology - Existentialism 2009 Study Grants for College Teachers

Virgin Islands

Documenting Endangered Languages - Fellowships* State Humanities Council 2002 Politics: American Government 014

Federal/State Partnership* Religion: History of Religion 1967 070 Religion: Nonwestern Religion 2014 Library Challenge Grants Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Challenge Grants)* History: Medieval History California Challenge Grants* Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants. Museum Challenge Grants Digging into Data* 034 2015 Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Education)* New Jersey Teaching Development Fellowships Individuals Gateway to research is aimed at those who wish to access UK research information, with a particular focus on innovation intensive SMEs. Religion: Other Selected Areas Agency-wide Projects* 1968 North Carolina 056 Interdisciplinary: East Asian Studies

074 Humanities, Science, and Technology Humanities Scholar in Residence Program (Dodge Foundation Funds) Tennessee Armed Forces - Americas 028

054 Politics: Other Philosophy: Ethics 2021 052 003 Humanities Initiatives: Community Colleges* This database provides full-text journals, books and other published humanities sources from around the world. 001 South Dakota Gateway to Research has been developed by the Research Councils to enable users to search and analyse information about publicly funded research, including AHRC-funded research.

2005 Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities* Politics: Political Theory

2012 Our research covers the full spectrum of academic disciplines from the medical and biological sciences to astronomy, physics, chemistry and engineering, social sciences, economics, environmental sciences and the arts and humanities.

2021 Edsitement Program Development Funds* Bridging Cultures Bookshelf Administration Languages: Comparative Languages Social Science: Geography 075 1974 Interdisciplinary: Turkish Studies 079 Louisiana We are creating a unified UKRI website that brings together the existing research council, Innovate UK and Research England websites. 029 2012 Interdisciplinary: U.S. 1966, Date range ending Radio Station Howland Island Publishing 2008 1997 Challenge Grants - HBCU Initiative Social Science: Sociology Illinois Humanities offers a number of grants opportunities in 2020. Arts: Art History and Criticism