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Why does this matter? In 1999, the company name was changed to Independent News and Media plc. But this does not and will not ever eliminate all bias. I no longer watch high-paid, out of touch anchors -- why waste my time. Never, ever, never, ever. Sputnik (and RT) are websites controlled by the russian government, and an active part of their communication strategy. Knowing what they ar saying is different from believing everything they say. The Independent and the Independent on Sunday newspapers were sold to a company controlled by Alexander Lebedev in March 2010. The catastrophe of the Iraq war and now the election of someone who could potentially morph into a dictator, both occurring because our media is so utterly corrupt it no longer bothers to do its job, should make the monumental importance of real journalism’s role in a truly free society crystal clear to all those who aren’t in a coma. Truth and reliable sources are no longer needed in Journalism. [38] Following is response to the NSW Productivity Commission Green Paper that finds zoning is restrictive and wants it loosened. These are then potentially drawn into... FLICK THE SWITCH: In the Australian Capital Territory, the law demanded gas be installed in the at Gininderry, a new housing estate. very unfair to those who really value the integrity of their journalism profession. However this was sold in 2004. Who is the new BBC director-general Tim Davie? Our thirteen weekly regional newspapers – which include the Drogheda Independent, Wexford People, The Kerrryman and The Sligo Champion – are published in counties Louth, Wexford, Wicklow, Cork, Kerry, and Sligo. The process to buy up all of INM's outstanding shares from around 7,000 shareholders is expected to take roughly until the end of August 2019. Bias is built in with people. An EGM will be held on 26 June 2019 to approve or reject the Mediahuis offer. He recently left his online paper to start his own. Independent does not mean hi partisan or factual. But during the 2016 election, they were one of the first to call Hillary on her corruption, later corroborated by Wikileaks – while CNN and the Washington Post derided Bernie and defended her until it was impossible to do so without looking idiotic. This problem will never be fixed until students are taught to think critically and are beyond proficient in logic and reasoning. ‘Wikileaks’, ‘Democracy now!’, and the ‘real news network’ out of Baltimore.And travel more. Yes, they may be biased - or they may be a factual look at American issues the media in this country refuse to address - or purposely black out. THANK YOU! Leaked Border Force notes raise more questions about what the f*ck Lauren Southern is doing in Australia & her supposed announcement “quitting” White Supremacy, ‘Comfortable with being uncomfortable’: Jessica Mellor’s rise to the top of the hospitality industry. Most mainstream media harps on about the same topics and I was looking for more variety and different perspectives. This is my first encounter with this site and am already loving it. [5], The INM group of companies was dominated by Tony O'Reilly and his family between 1973 and 2012. Did you bother to research the facts? Truthout sparks action with independent news and commentary revealing systemic injustice while providing a platform for transformative ideas, investigative reporting and progressive analysis. The acquisition now remains subject to the approval of the Minister for Communications and the sanction of the High Court, as it is being executed by way of a scheme of arrangement. But we should still question news sources that are owned by either people or corporations that are known to be heavily biased. [28], There have also been questions about APN, which was acquired in transactions involving both the group and the O'Reilly family, and profited the latter greatly, and about the massive level of group debt (over €1.3 billion). RT (Russia Today) is Russian governemnt chanel which is propaganda. Its titles include the highest circulation daily and Sunday papers in Ireland. The holding company website is and the group website is The first of these is the investment arm of the SA government, and the second, an investment arm of the Chinese government. More recently, the company has launched a range of consumable products aimed at delicatessens, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants. Ireland, Declan FahyHead of Digital 705 5374, Eoin HealyAdvertising Manager: Magazines & 705 5403, Paul MuldoonAdvertising Manager: Property, Recruitment, Motors, Travel & 705 5412, Yvonne DoyleCommercial Manager: Classified Lineage 7055462, Aiden 705 5409, Gerry DrumFarming Independent Digital Commercial Manager 705 5795. I have read and enjoyed his books considering the topics.
The BBC is on the same level. They're against the US. Ireland . O'Reilly had come under pressure in recent months from two of INM's largest shareholders, billionaire Denis O'Brien and financier Dermot Desmond. “Why in the fuck would I go to a mirror, with, Africa approaching 1.5m cases across its 54 countries; Italy could extend government powers to January; record cases high in UkraineMadrid region performs U-turn and will obey lockdown rulesChina promotes ‘revenge travel’ to boost economyAustralia says New Zealand travellers will soon be able to visitUK coronavirus updates – live 1.26pm BSTSweden, From the Queen in a trench poncho to Steve McQueen in a Parka, here are some of the best cloak shots to give you some autumnal inspiration Continue reading…, Industry super fund HESTA is leading an investor-backed campaign to get more women into executive roles. I shared it with all my FB friends. They've made a mockery of the journalism profession . Today, most major news outlets in the United States are controlled by a handful of massive, powerful companies, an anomaly called media consolidation. Great work on this article. Following many years of sustained losses, she was. Preliminary data shows culprits from last month’s load shedding were not variable renewables, but the sudden loss of a big fossil fuel generator, and human error. 13. What about France24 or DW (Deutsche Welle, German website)? (TGI ROI 2019), and are the Group’s primary online news portals which compliment our national and regional newspaper titles. Recommend the addition of to the list. I sure would like to find a new source that is balanced. It contains news … Matt Taibi- Rolling Stone investigative reporter. These are very refreshing choices if you want the same crap your already being fed being served to you in a trojan horse.

Since we know that most of them are not doing this; What the heck are they doing? [24]. I'm just starting to look into better ways to get my news. Black coal generation hits new low on Saturday as combined output of wind and solar matches that of black and brown coal and gas generation.
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Sorry, but none of these sites are unbiased . 8. [14], On 28 June 2019, the acquisition received approval of shareholders. Newspread also operates a home delivery network delivering newspapers and magazines to households across Ireland. I am saying goodbye to all major news companies. Go look at it. Dublin 1, [21], In November 2019, it was announced that Mediahuis plans to transfer €60m to Belgian parent from INM. 7. I had no idea of the Big Six or the FCC (mind blowing.) It wasn’t until the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the first major reform of the policy since it was created, that large corporations were permitted to begin their massive consolidation of the media - resulting in the Big Six. He also met the broker negotiating the sale of INM SA.[37]. I believe in our rights as Americans and most of these sites are touting the same biased news as the well-known and in our face MSM. [33] Cape Town businessman Iqbal Surve's Sekunjalo Investments consortium were the front-runners to purchase INM SA. This looked like a good site for me to find a recommended news site that isn't biased. Under it, if Rachel Maddow or Rush Limbaugh uttered something biased, there would be a legal requirement to have someone with an opposing view voice that opinion in a similar timeslot. Did Lena Dunham compile this list! Then reread it. Visit this page to get all the details on how you can get in touch with Independent Media through our head office in Cape Town or any of the other six offices around the country. Again, thanks! Isn't it interesting that Drudge Report is not even mentioned? First of all, I want to thank the author for this list. Thank you. And many are biased. [28] The Tribune went in to administration and closed in February 2011. Essentially, it’s the way you want the world to see you.

INM will re-register as a private limited company. The first is a group of fiercely independent reporters who believe in old school journalism, some with their own websites and articles; the second is a group of several sites that encourage whistleblowers to speak out and provide a forum for their information. Please do your own research and diligence before accepting the information on these sites as “truth”. We’re here for greatness. Energy experts disagree. BBC ! So VOA, UK and German sources, etc - valuable if you have the right goggles on! Truthout ( Severe Liberal Bias, 4. This market has been identified by INM as being a key element of its move into non-English speaking media markets with huge growth opportunities and potential for advancement. Donate Sign up to get news from IMI delivered straight to your inbox: He also uses the products and believes in the Companies he allows advertising his news feed. BBC is far from being independent, they avoid the real issues of the day and now side with US news sentiments.

On 26 April 2013, INM announced it had concluded a deal with its bankers to exchange part of its debt for up to 20 per cent of equity. Convention Towers, 10th floor, Heerengracht Street PO Box 56, Cape Town, 8000+27 (0)21 344 0500, Newspaper House, 122 St Georges Mall, Cape Town, 8001PO Box 56, Cape Town, 8000+27 (0)21 488 4911, 47 Sauer Street, Johannesburg 2001PO Box 1014 Johannesburg, 2000+27 (0)11 633 9111, 216 Madiba street Pretoria 0002PO BOX 439, Pretoria, 0001 +27 (0)12 300 2000, Cnr Bean and Villiers Streets Kimberley  8301PO BOX 610, Kimberley, 8300+27 (0)53 832 6261, 18 Osborne Street, Greyville, Durban, 4001PO Box 47549, Greyville 4023 Durban +27 (0)31 308 2911, 45 Devereux Avenue, Vincent, 5247PO Box 13504, Vincent, 5217+27 (0)43 721 1547, Convention Towers, 10th floor, Heerengracht Street, Newspaper House, 122 St Georges Mall, Cape Town, 8001, Cnr Bean and Villiers Streets Kimberley  8301, 18 Osborne Street, Greyville, Durban, 4001. In mid-2012, speculation began that INM would sell their South African operation. at the very minimum, your news should be answering what are considered to be the six ‘Ws’ of journalism: who, what, where, when, why and how. Your article is factual: there are no journalistic ethics applied in the mainstream media reports anymore. [15][16], On 16 July 2019, it was announced that the court hearing would be on 30 July 2019. AllSides ( Appears to be Unbias but contains news sources from Mainstream media like New York Times and CNN who have been know to post fake news and have Severe Bias. . I did not feel any bias. There was an overwhelming amount of news released and I didn't know WHAT to believe.