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Moltes gràcies a tots! string(24) "width="450" height="308"" Finalist. GSAPP, Columbia University, New York , EUA. For the ground floor, the Spanish studio recovers the popular language of old Eixample’s halls, where, through furniture and large habitable objects, the space was arranged to house different uses. Category: Futurs. This flexibility is able also due to the position of the bathrooms, where all the installations are placed and work strategically as points for water, air conditionned and electricity supply. 22 Dwelling Housing block in Barcelona. FALA Atelier (PT) @fala.atelier ["mime"]=> Barcelona Building Construmat, Barcelona. 28. Girona College of Architects Award 2007.

Westopia. Brussels School of Architecture UCL-LOCI, Brussels , Belgium. Italy, When in Rome. [3]=> string(24) "width="314" height="450"" November 2016. pp.98-99. int(3) int(8) #IconicAwards Photo credits: José Hevia, We just finished our workshop at @portoacademy Thanks to all our students! In thanks you will get access to download the PDF „Timber Construction“ at no charge. (ISSN 2530-7037), Maluenda, I. Arquia/Próxima Fuera 2014. Finalist Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture, Women in Architecture, Architectural Review. (ISSN 0003-861x), “Obras de no ficción”, El Cultural, July 2018, pp. Carpintarias de São Lázaro 9551892-1-4), Sendra, E. “Alumnes metafísics”, TimeOut, n.466, July 2017, p.37. We will miss you. SAMI Arquitectos (PT) @samiar Fernanda Fragateiro (PT) @ffragateiro Girona College of Architects Awards 2007 for Ephemeral Architecture. Image: MAIO. [1]=> [1]=> } Lisbon Architecture Triennal 2016 pp.182-197 (ISBN 978-3-03778-504-1), ”Renovation and adaptation of a Home-Studio”. Fingers crossed @okkre_music @xevifernandez @mar_twina Selected work Desing Index 2018, Italian Association for Industrial Design / Arper Stand at Salone del Mobile, Milano. “Unfinished”exhibition, Spanish Pavillion. 9551892-1-4), Sendra, E. “Alumnes metafísics”, TimeOut, n.466, July 2017, p.37.

“Strategies for Public Occupation” exhibition. They have been in charge of the magazine Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme (2011-16), and currently teach at Columbia GSAPP, the Architectural Association and the School of Architecture of Barcelona ETSAB/ETSAV. Spain. int(8) Here, these furniture pieces are transformed into marble volumes in the middle of a large open space, where it literally rains allowing to understand the hall as an extension of the street. [3]=>

Located in Eixample, a historic district in central Barcelona, Spain, which is characterized by its octagonal blocks and strict grid of wide avenues, 110 Rooms is a new housing block by local architecture practice MAIO that celebrates the area’s 19th century housing typology in the context of 21st century design. 40 positions on architecture, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 100 Experiments - Aedes Architecture Forum Berlin, Domestic Essays, MOB Projects, Lisbon, associated project Lisbon Architecture Triennale. string(10) "image/jpeg" int(450)

Barcelona Design Museum. ["bits"]=> ["mime"]=> #darkness #freedom, 06Very happy and honored for being awarded with the Young Talent Award 2019 by @ad_spain!!

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(ISSN 1853-1997), “How wold Michale Asher do it?”, Planphase, 2018, pp. Exhibition XII Girona Architecture Awards in Pia Almoina Building.

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York. int(8) image-v, { Architecture on Stage, Barbican Center, London. Each apartment could be potentially expanded or reduced, adding or subtracting rooms, … } (ISBN 978-84-09-03614) “MAIO”, Marcher dans le rêve d’un autre, October 2017-April 2018, pp.216-217. Award: New Working Fields CSCAE. Oslo Architecture Triennale. (ISBN 978-2- string(10) "image/jpeg" Arquia/Proxima Awards 2012 ARQUIA Foundation / Floating. Intervention at Cúndaro Street. Javier Toro Blum (CL) 110 Roomsby MAIO Architects, a twenty-two-unit housing block in Barcelona from 2016, is evidence of the potential for relating to and living with architecture otherwise, and not just because the first thing one perceives when walking into the building could be either bright sunlight or heavy rain dancing among a field of colorful, sculptural forms, depending on the conditions outside. FAD Award, interiorism / Exhibition display system. Award: New Working Fields CSCAE. MPG Mobiliário de escritório

In an attempt to make architecture and art a shareable and comprehensible language, the scale of the furniture appears as a common ground of research, criticism and experimentation for new practices, which through a tactile and close scale, generate a series of questions around the interior space and the relation of the objects with the common world and the domestic user. The Form of the Form.
string(24) "width="300" height="450"" Chicago Architecture Biennial 2015. The possibility of an island”, PIN-UP, Issue 24, 2018, p. 191.

Forum II Arquia/Proxima Madrid 2010. int(300) int(8) Girona Temps de Flors”.

int(3) MOB Projects (Eduardo Corales, Javier Toro Blum, Piedad Aguilar)Co-Producer This flexibility is able due to the position of bathrooms, where all installations are placed as points for supply. ["channels"]=> FAD Award opinion prize, interiorism / Conversion of a washing place into a studio, Barcelona. XIV Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (BEAU). Picture by amazing @ana__cuba @royalacademyarts @architecture_ra #invisiblelandscapes, Design Does, design of the exhibition curated by Domestic Data Streamers and ELISAVA at The first act explored the impact of smart technologies, sharing economy platforms and apps on domestic spaces and queries how these may be altering the meaning of home. (ISSN 1578-5769), “Echa un vistazo”, ON Diseño, n.287, 2007, p.320-324. image-h, Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts (UK), Arper Booths At Milano Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017, Exhibition Display System for Species of Spaces at macba, Exhibition Display System for Massana School, Exhibition Re-Constructivist Architecture, Chicago Architectural Biennial Installation, maioarchitects”The Grand Interior”, our contribution to @chicagoarchitecturebiennial – Make New History opening today & curated by @johnstonmarklee #chicagoarchitecturebiennial #makenewhistory #thegrandinterior #model #cab #cab2017, Exhibition “When in Rome — A Collective Reflection Upon the Eternal City” Opening TODAY at RIBA London at 6 pm Our proposal “Rooms for a discontinuous villa” together with AM3 | fala atelier | False Mirror Office | Fosbury Architecture | Adam Nathaniel Furman | jbmn | PARA Project | Parasite 2.0 | Point Supreme | Something Fantastic | UNULAUNU | Warehouse of Architecture and Research | TRAUMNOVELLE | BDR Bureau | Ganko | Gosplan | La Macchina Studio | Raumplan | Supervoid | Jacopo Valentini with Bernard Tschumi curated by Jacopo Costanzo | Giulia Leone | Valentino Danilo Matteis, Arper is delighted that its stand at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2017 is receiving the Best of Best award, from the prestigious Iconic Awards by German Design Council in the category “Architecture – Event / Exhibition”. [2]=> 50-51. image-h, { (ISSN 978-1-9164068-0-3), “Lanzarote.


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, EUA. Barcelona School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain. ON Diseño n.360 2016. “The State of Art of Architecture” exhibition. int(3) Fundación Arquia, Barcelona, 2014, pp.56-57. Architektur, Innenarchitektur, technischer Ausbau, April 2013, pp. Fingers crossed @okkre_music @xevifernandez @mar_twina

2016. pp.126-145 (ISBN 978-84-944873-6-1), ”Discusion”. (B 49372-2000 ISSN 1134-0223), “Ephemeral intervention at Sambola Court, Girona Temps de Flors”. Generazione: A call from Rome.

First Prize. MAIO has lectured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barbican Center, GSAPP-Columbia University, RIBA, UC Berkeley, Yale School of Architecture and Piet Zwart Institute among other places. Finalist Moira Gemmill Prize for Emerging Architecture, Women in Architecture, Architectural Review. (ISSN 2530-7037), Maluenda, I. ON Diseño n.361/362. string(24) "width="450" height="300""

Barcelona Design Museum. @okkre_music @xevifernandez @mar_twina [1]=> Proxima/Arquia Awards 2008-09 ARQUIA Foundation. School of the Art Institute of Chigaco SAIC, Chicago. int(282)

Selected work for Barcelona City Awards 2017. Westopia. #ArperSofter #SaloneDelMobile2019 int(450) An Endless Domestic Landscape”, Architectural Review, Issue 1453, July-August 2018. MAIO’s members combine professional activities with academic, research and editorial ones. Girona College of Architects Award 2006.

MAIO has lectured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Barbican Center, GSAPP-Columbia University, RIBA, UC Berkeley, Yale School of Architecture and Piet Zwart Institute among other places.

Exshibitions, Interludes and Essays. MAIO is an architectural office based in Barcelona and New York that works on spatial systems that permit theoretical positions materialize. Selected participant team. (Work In Progress) Exhibition for DEMO Festival. #IconicAwards Photo credits: José Hevia, 27We just finished our workshop at @portoacademy Thanks to all our students! Boris Gusic + Lucio Crignola (CH) BAST (FR), @bast_architectes RMIT Design Hub. [3]=> (ISSN 4237-93X), Medina, S. “Anna Puigjaner”, Metropolis, January 2018, pp.72-75. [1]=> (ISSN 978-1-9164068-0-3), “Lanzarote.

Monoambiente Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Picture by amazing @ana__cuba @royalacademyarts @architecture_ra #invisiblelandscapes, 19Design Does, design of the exhibition curated by Domestic Data Streamers and ELISAVA at Fernanda Fragateiro (PT) @ffragateiro string(10) "image/jpeg"
From the high entrance level, visitors first step into the access foyer, which was planned as a classic continuation of the street space. [3]=> (ISSN: 0173-8046), “Designer’s Office”, Interiors Magazine, February 2013, pp.172-175. (ISBN 9780692898840), “Architecture and its double”. College of Architects of Catalonia –COAC-,p.78. RMIT Design Hub.

@domesticdatastreamers @elisavabcn @museudeldisseny int(3) } (ISBN: 978-84-695-8307-4), “Reforma y adecuación para una vivienda-estudio.

The Iconic Awards aim to recognise the most innovative and cutting-edge architecture projects and design solutions. Finalist. Together! “Aproximacions”. string(10) "image/jpeg" string(24) "width="296" height="450""

96-107. [2]=> 188-189. Archifutures Vol.1: The Museum.

[3]=> } ["bits"]=> EU Mies Van Der Rohe Awards 2016.

96-107. int(300) APRDELESP (MX) @aprdelesp MAIO: 110 rooms, apartment building in Barcelona MAIO Architects – Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López, and Anna Puigjaner – has designed this apartment building on Calle Provenza of the Catalonian capital, drawing inspiration from the traditional domestic typology of the Eixamble, Barcelona’s 19th-century gridded extension. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience. [3]=> LampLight Solutions. @mercatflorsPictures by Monica Lou, José Hevia & more#techno #dance #cellulardevotion

Girona College of Architects Award 2007. First Prize. 284-287.