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Customers switch to Ovo Energy primarily for lower prices, but also for its good reputation, according to our analysis of Which? February: Ovo announced a 10% price rise for customers on its standard tariff, called Simpler Energy. Now the fact that the previous meter may or may not have been right is inconsequential as it is too long ago to be addressed (and they should have caught it anyway). All you need to know about Ovo Energy - where it came in the UK's biggest energy survey and what Ovo's customers think of it. Was recommended by someone. I really can't fault them. Until then, the two companies remain separate and customers won’t see any differences. Over inflating monthly direct debit payments, customer service shocking, the list is endless!! REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! I still am an OVO Customer. To review OVO Energy, you need ovoenergy.com Useful. It expects the purchase to be complete in January 2020. It will now start integrating the two firms. Recommended Provider (WRP) for energy. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. Clear pricing and competitive tariffs with the added bonus of interest paid on any credit in your account. And even though it with the Ombudsman they still had the cheek to say they would be putting our Direct Debit up.Now to summerise. SSE has separate results. Not the cheapest but honest info and genuinely working towards being environmentally friendly with 100% green tariff from 1st Oct. To review OVO Energy, you need ovoenergy.com. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The worst firms only manage to solve 70% in that time. MEANS GIVE THESE CLOWNS A BAD REPUTATION, WHICH THEY ALREADY HAVE. OVO a good company. Weeks.Avoid avoid avoid!!!! Already making payments by Direct Debit? It also took on the customers of failed supplier Spark Energy in 2018, but maintained the separate brand. I have been with Ovo from the start and like many others on here have watched their customer service deteriorate over the last year or so i joined Ovo knowing they were an expensive supplier but used to pride itself on customer service I recently switched to British Gas exactly one month ago and still waiting for Ovo to give me my £191 credit back I suggest you avoid this company at all costs I have always had a direct debit in place and always been in credit mostly a high balance why would I ever go back to them when they treat long standing customers with so much disrespect. Although Ovo’s tariffs are rarely the cheapest on the market, it pays customers between 3-5% interest on their credit balances (the rate depends how long they have been a customer). Very bad experience with OVO. I have been with OVO for quite a few years. Como cliente particular tengo contratado el suministro de dos viviendas con OVO y estoy consiguiendo un ahorro aproximado de 60 € al mes con respecto a la compañía anterior, por lo que al año estoy ahorrando aproximadamente unos 700 €. Another 8,000 paid too much because Ovo failed to move them onto a new tariff when theirs ended. About six months after the installation of a smart meter I noticed that our bills no longer looked right and the smart meter was giving weird readings*. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy. Can't fault them, recently asked a question via e-mail and got a reply within hours. My recommendation - STAY AWAY. It held the top spot for two years and was the first Which? February: Ovo was investigated by energy regulator Ofgem over the energy consumption information it gave some customers last winter. Switch to find the cheapest gas and electricity deals. avoid. Energy firms set their own annual smart meter targets and Ofgem monitors whether they meet them. Same with the online chat. Share. Just repeatedly churning out useless responses, trying to suppress formal complaints going any further.OVO knew about the major faults in their systems leading to overcharging, but they withheld that information from Ofgem - that makes them a disreputable company and one to avoid. I STILL CANT BELIEVE THAT THEY EXIST IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! Excelente compañía. energy customer satisfaction survey data. to unlock our reviews. That’s lower than the 21% average across suppliers and despite Ovo’s recent marketing campaign around cutting carbon emissions. Have been with OVO for years. Find out how Ovo compares on gas and electricity prices and service. I've just got a smart meter with them. Great value for money. Ovo’s weakest area, according to customers in our survey, is its digital tools, earning a reasonable three stars out of five. Reply. Do not recommed this companyRefuse to switch over though they have been provided with written noticeIncrease direct debit with 100%O -at customer services. They make so many mistakes in billing and contracts that you end up endlessly chasing them in order to put things right but the Customer service system is useless.Am still being billed for an account despite moving out last month (and getting a confirmation email to agree this from ovo). On Trustpilot, 81% of their customers rate them as Poor or Bad. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. I trust Ovo and so renewed and signed up for another 2 years. December: Ovo got the go-ahead from the regulator (the Competition and Markets Authority) to buy SSE’s household energy and services business. Can ANYBODY from ovo tell me what rate i am on??????? Earlier in the month, Ovo bought SSE’s household energy and services business. FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT WANT A SMART METER OR TO PAY BY DIRECT DEBIT.DO NOT GO TO OVO FOR YOUR ENERGY. Highly recommended ! My experience of 'customer service' is that they are like robots with very limited intelligence and training. Try Which? Read 1 more review about OVO Energy Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Christine 23 reviews. Good communications and easy to understand website. I was with Green Network Energy.. my prices was going very high with them. October: Ovo Energy's second price increase in a year for customers on its Simpler Energy variable tariff meant a 6.5% price rise, adding £75, on average, to customers’ annual bills. Ovo is an independent energy company based in Bristol. Por el ahorro y por la atención al cliente. Unpleasant and unhelpful customer services. But it was far quicker than the slowest firm which took more than 21mins, on average. Ovo Energy also bought Spark Energy Ltd and kept the Spark Energy brand. Drivers can sell surplus energy from their electric vehicle batteries back to the grid. Ovo Energy came joint-ninth, along with Bristol Energy, Co-op Energy and Engie, out of 35 energy companies rated by 7,355 members of the public in the annual Which? The Good ratings are from new customers before the realisation sets in!Don't do it! verdict on Ovo Energy, plus how its prices compare with other energy suppliers. This appears to have ended and so it is easy to forget when to read to avoid estimated bills. Also previously received monthly emails reminding me to read meters. They also openly admit they are not competitive with today’s reduced energy prices. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 37,369 I DON'T WANT TO BELIEVE.ITS SADDENS AND DISGUSTS ME SO MUCH!!!!!! I recently switched to an electric vehicle and the add on benefit of free Polar Plus membership is going to be a great help in the future. When you call them they will lie and say that the increase is regarding some arbitrary date six months previous when there was what appeared to be arrears, only to discover that the arrears is based on their estimate, which IS ALWAYS OVER ESTIMATED, they offer to not increase it at this point but will continue to hassle through the year until you do. We have just swapped over to Ovo Energy and I was a little disappointed to find that they had already taken the direct debit before the change over was finalised. A couple of years ago Ovo Energy was the favourite of British energy customers. BEST THING TO DO IS GET MONEY OUT OF THEM VIA COURT OR SOCIAL MEDIA OR WASTE THERE TIME .ONLY THING WHAT TALKS IS MONEY COMPLAIN TO THE REGULATORY BODYS. Good service but obstructive when moved to another supplier. So far so good with this company. Easy to manage account on line and track the amount of energy you are using. Customers are still enthusiastic about Ovo, but it’s no longer the top-rated supplier. to unlock our reviews. But i suppose you get what you pay for. I've just switched to OVO energy. AND VTO TRY AND LOCK YOU IN WITH A YEAR CONTACT WEAR YOU HAVE TO PAY TO LEAVE THEN THEY BLOCK YOU FROM LEAVING PUTTING UP PRICES GIVING YOU A DEBT. In January 2020, it agreed with energy regulator Ofgem to pay £8.9m to make up for communications and billing issues. They reduced our tariff which was an insidious move to make you believe that they were trustworthy, and in one email suggested that they might be lowering our monthly payments. From the 1 October, we’re changing our energy prices to make sure they’re in line with the government’s price cap – which comes into effect on the same day. Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Worst EVER!Just left them month ago because there was ongoing problem with meter readings submitting.Send me estimated and overcharged final bill. Plus their online account is really transparent and helpful. Its results date from before it bought SSE’s customers. Some 10,000 customers were not told about renewal when their tariff ended, nor moved to new tariffs. Ovo says that it has 'significantly improved' its smart meter rollout programme since it bought SSE Energy Services in January 2020. Ovo also scrapped its online discount, adding another £135 to the annual bill of affected customers. Ovo.co.uk is a Graphic Design Business. Excelente compañía. Absolutely dreadful on every level. Plus you can choose to buy 100% renewable electricity for £5 extra a month (scroll down to find out more about where Ovo sources its energy). It also unveiled a home energy storage battery and promoted its intelligent platform, VCharge, which remotely connects and controls batteries in consumers’ homes to create a ‘virtual power plant’. I also now have a Smart meter which saves me having to struggle down a steep step to read my meters. Our small supplier went bust January '19 and we received an email telling us OVO had taken over our supply. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy. I only stay because they are the cheapest in my area. OVO are good as long as nothing goes wrong. Around 17,500 prepayment customers were charged the wrong amount according to the price cap. Scroll down to read the full Which? Over final bill that will take 12!!!!! AVOID, they are so chaotic and the customer service is completely disorganised. From the 1 October, we'll also be introducing new rates for Simpler Energy, depending on how you pay your bills. Unfortunately my contract does not end until May 2021 and believe me I cannot wait. We now have to wait until Ovo Energy provide the meter readings to our current supplier before we have any chance of receiving any of the funds back - the balance is over £250 in credit! !ALL STAFF I DEALT WITH WERE TELLING LIES, OVERCHARGING BY MORE THEN £1200 A YEAR FOR BOTH FUELS, DECEIVING ME IN A VERY LOW WAY!!! Ovo Energy joined the energy market in 2009 and now has five million customers since it bought rival SSE's energy business. I have been with OVO for a few years now and generally have been happy with them. There’s lots to take in so we’ve broken it down into sections.