roger hoffman gethsemane

Come, come, home Joseph.

My grandchildren love it, too!! Your music had really touched a chord in my son's heart.

Finally hope had come!

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Did you have to make the sheep song so darn sticky?! He asks us to remember. Send them home, the apostles said. I have 5 children and we listen to it often, especially in the car. They would never get through. I own a copy of 'Stories of Jesus' and truly love and appreciate your work.

One day as I was driving to a church meeting I was thinking about how I felt about the Savior when I listened to 'Stories of Jesus.' Home. By Shannon A. Cox "Haitian Roots Lady" on July 26, 2014
perfect job.

My mom purchased this CD for my kids and they LOVE it. It sure isn’t me, it’s people like you who have such a wonderful talent and can write such beautiful music that brings the spirit when you sing. And there was a YouTube video with your baptism song in the background that we showed at our daughter's baptism. We've sung the Gethsemane one for the Primary Presentation - the spirit is felt so strong every time we sing that one.

Waiting for Jesus to come his way.

Our primary wants to learn "Come into the Water" for our primary program next year. I still get choked up singing Gethsemane.

Repeat Chorus When Jesus finally got there In a way I guess this could be like Handel's Messiah for children. And there came a great wind on the sea.

5, 10, 15, twenty 1,000-2,000-3,000-four! Review: RIFF-it. My children were asked to participate in a children's choir where thesesongs were featured. He has brought good news! Zugelassene Drittanbieter verwenden diese Tools auch in Verbindung mit der Anzeige von Werbung durch uns. The world had changed because of Jesus. Chorus- Hallelujah! All Songs except He Is Risen - Words & Music written by Melanie Hoffman, ©2007 Melanie Hoffman & C T L Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved Words and music by Melanie Hoffman. Hallelujah! I love your cd "Stories of Jesus" and I have wanted to gift it to friends for a long time.

He is risen. Chorus- Oh, Remember. It's also been so much fun to teach my 7 and 5 year old sons the scripture stories that connect with the songs on the CD. He asks us to remember.

The light of heaven on His face. He would not have died if you’d come.

He’s come to bring us good news. One, two, three, four, five loaves and two little fishes. Their dear brother, Lazarus, So He gives His gift to me To the place only He could go. He blessed my one, two, three, four, five loaves and two little fishes. Remember the man who came to save everyone, We are also learning Remember and they love that one too. Happy to Be With You. Oh, Remember. Denise, I was introduced to Stories of Jesus last year while visiting 2 of my 3 sons in the marines stationed in Okinawa. He’s come to bring us good news. This a very professional CD, very high quality. Now, this worried Herod because he was the king ‘Cause we really are quite clueless

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Come into the water. Zacchaeus, Zacchaeus, climbed up the tree Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Feel the joy! RUN TO EGYPT Great Kids CD about the life of Jesus, Here’s what he would do. Because of the miracles of Jesus.

Do not fear the evil king. Besides being beautiful music, it has inspired many different conversations about the life of Jesus.

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truly reaches children and brings understanding on their level. Our children need to know Jesus Christ so they can love Him.

The greatest pain that ever was known, Thank you for the beautiful, touching, joyful songs!! Jesus is come that we might... have joy.

God bless you, too! People everywhere Resume .

Thank you for all you do in your music!

The man by the pool sick for 38 years. �>%�bQ��������dT,Kҍ�`sH�2�Q���XɊe]��cܠZd�*��P�&�ϣd^ʻ����r8d�p��;ڦ���e���d�=_���^�7��P������Ú��� ��m�"� �M�wqt�/�$�+�H�%{ My mother bought this cd for our children over a month ago, and it has been in our cd player in the family van ever since.

This music is beautiful and fun and just perfect for kids to learn about their Savior. With His power Jesus called him. Good news for the rich. Jesus came to them, walking on water Little sheep, sheep, Helpless little sheep, sheep, K. Fears He’s come to bring us good news. I just wanted to let you know! Melanie & Roger Hoffman - Gethsemane Lyrics. The biggest battle that ever was won,


Or be led astray finding greener grass to munch

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For His time to come. The cheerful lyrics and memorable melodies had me singing the rest of the day --- I guess I'm still a kid at heart. It is not high pitched "kids" music nor is it sung by amateur children. And then one day Joseph heard the angel call, I have two boys (10 and 7) and after primary they come home singing that song.

And learned from heaven and when He talked

The people who loved Him were shadowed in grief. Welcome to Hoffman House The music we write is born of our passion to spread hope and joy in the world. Verleen, I wanted to tell you how much I love your music on Stories of Jesus. Everyone in the crowd agreed; We’d never seen a man like Him. Little sheep, sheep, Threw away their care