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I don’t think those considerations are being thought out.”.

She says she felt too vulnerable to complain about the senior colleague, especially after hearing about the mailing lists. "We'd like to receive the review as soon as possible – but it's equally important this is a comprehensive inquiry conducted independently of Weta Workshop.". "As soon as it was brought to management's attention, immediate steps were taken to stop this activity," a spokesperson said. Weta Workshop told 1 NEWS it takes the allegations “extremely seriously”. But they do hope speaking out would spark change.

“Everyone who comes to work at Weta Workshop must feel safe. "They take people with stars in their eyes and burn them to husks, and know they can keep doing it because there's a line out the back just begging to get in," said another. With more than thirty years’ experience, Co-founder and Creative Director Richard Taylor is the passionate creative at the core of Weta Workshop. 1 NEWS has spoken to other current and former staff who also allege sexual harassment and bullying while working at Weta Workshop.

No. Weta Workshop told 1 NEWS it takes the allegations “extremely seriously”. Get Directions. Discover detailed case studies of our work in film, themed attractions, gaming and more.

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Tuffery Huria said it was important for non-Māori business owners to consider the wider potential implications of incorporating Māori elements in their branding.

2,839 talking about this. All concerns are taken very seriously.". It's too ugly.”. There are also multiple reports of a webpage also accessible via the company intranet which listed who in the company had slept with whom, with one woman saying she was told about it by a senior colleague. Emma says she told the man she didn’t want him to touch her. Many are fearful of the repercussions of speaking out, even if they’ve left the industry entirely. Others did share their stories but didn’t want to be named. Comancheros: Charges against media personality dismissed, accountant fined on drugs charges, Prince Philip 'very, very disappointed' in Meghan's failure to support the royal family - reports, Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: October 1, 2020, The Air New Zealand domestic route that didn't survive Covid-19 lockdown, US election 2020: World reacts with worry to first Trump, Biden debate, Ōrewa blaze: Fire breaks out in roof of block of shops in north Auckland. Contact our reporter Kristin Hall at kristin.hall@tvnz.co.nz, One employee described the Oscar-winning visual effects company as “the world’s most beautiful toxic waste dump”. Immerse yourself in creativity with our guided tours and hands-on experiences.

It was soul destroying, I couldn't do it.”. Weta Workshop says while it awaits the findings of the inquiry, it would be inappropriate for them to make any further comment. Spanish fashion label Kimoa was called out for using models with painted-on moko to promote its “Māori” collection. Get in touch. Get the latest information on our projects, products, collectibles, events, and more. Wellington 6022 Wellington 6022 The Weta Digital workers all spoke on the condition of anonymity, but many had similar stories. Philip Morris apologised for the blunder, saying it “sincerely regretted” any discomfort its mistake caused Māori people.

It got shut down, but there was quite a bit of pushback in terms of, 'This is not the Weta we are used to.'". "He would send me videos of things from his past ... and make comments how I was hot or cute or that he would like me and protect me, and help me get further in my career," she said. She's one of eight current and former Weta Digital employees who've told 1 NEWS about their experience at the company, which they say has issues with sexism, bullying, and harassment.

One employee said she was regularly targeted by two team members who undermined her and her work. “What happens if you sell your business to overseas interests and ownership of that brand moves overseas? “Does a Māori brand truly reflect your business? The brewery was accused of cultural appropriation for naming its New Zealand pale ale “Huruhuru”. Address & Phone. March, 2017. Election 2020: Leaders neck-and-neck according to Herald interactive, Twelve new Covid cases - 10 from same Air India flight, Use Ōhakea airbase for quarantine: Expert's plea to ditch hotels, Principal gives up office as school roll swells.

Tuffery Huria said businesses should thoroughly research any Māori elements of their branding – and make sure their advisers were up to scratch. Reports about the mailing lists date back to as early as 2002, and the lists allegedly existed until at least 2015. Missing macrons meant the special effects and prop company ended up with something quite different. “We encourage any staff member or former staff member who has relevant information or a particular issue or concern to contact the reviewer in confidence.

While this new sub-line of statues is new to Weta’s line of collectibles, at only 500 pieces, this statue won’t be lasting long. Learn about the design, manufacturing, and media services we offer the world's creative industries. But despite its name, the scope of its advice is limited, Tuffery Huria said. She says bullying from her manager, including making degrading comments to workers in front of a room full of people, was common. Weta Workshop is a five-time Academy Award®-winning concept design studio and physical effects manuf... See More. We aspire to have an environment that is diverse, inclusive and supportive, and one in which crew members can feel safe raising any concerns or issues," Wilks said. They can’t say if a name is in bad taste, only if it’s offensive. "The first Friday I worked there I was so surprised, intimidated and uncomfortable. The beverage maker ran signage around the country that read: “Kia ora, mate.” But “mate” is the te reo Māori word for “death” or “dead”. Photos on Kimoa’s website showed two models with their faces painted in an approximation of tā moko, which critics said were equivalent to the use of blackface. the correct way to spell weta, as in the insect, is with a macron on the ē and the ā, Support for Wellington to be called Te Whanganui-a-Tara following Māori Party's language policy announcement, Owners won't change Auckland restaurant's controversial name, Kingi, Brewery apologises for 'Huruhuru' Māori beer name, Live: Judith Collins clobbers Advance NZ, Labour takes on supermarkets, Election 2020: Labour releases economic plan, with a $140b typo, Covid-19: 12 new cases, 10 from the same flight, but none from community transmission. She says people would ‘hoard’ pieces of work to protect their jobs, leaving nothing for others. Many staff spoke of the fear of blacklisting, and that speaking out about their experience would see them lose their highly sought-after jobs or reputation. Weta Workshop's Micro Epics creator unleashed, Weta Workshop unveil new board game: ‘The Hobbit – An Unexpected Party’, A new arrival at Wellington International Airport, Weta Workshop brings District 9 Board Game back to Kickstarter, Weta Workshop Names Design Competition Winner, Weta Workshop Design Competition Returns for 2019, Emerging Designer Wins Internship at Weta Workshop, Weta Workshop’s Magic Leap Game Finalist in International Awards. I didn't feel like I had any space to say anything about either of them, or have an expectation that anything would happen.

Camperdown Rd & Weka St. The culture at Weta Digital will "probably never change", a current staff member claims after the company told 1 NEWS it's cracked down on misconduct. Her boyfriend, who also worked at Weta at the time, has publicly said he believes Lazar's account to be accurate.