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Billy Walters is a very rich man who owns several golf courses in Nevada.
In June of 1986, Walters requested a freeze-out with Caesars Atlantic City for $2 million at the roulette tables. If you look back to his childhood, you will soon realize that Billy is one of those people who gamble not for the sake of money, but for the thrill. He never lost the gambling itch. This drives Billy Walters to start placing bets at offshore casinos. But that's not to say he hasn't dabbled in other wagers. It is more than sheer luck.

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. "The Brain Trust" is run by a gentleman named Rick "Big Daddy" Matthews.

Walters grew up very poor and, with an acumen for sports betting, accumulated a fortune. Get in touch with me today if you’d like to learn more. When it comes to gambling, everyone knows the house always wins.

Walters’ stock-tip for Dean Foods of Dallas netted him $32 million in profits and another $11 million in avoided fines.

He started gambling at 5 years old and never stopped. William Billy Walters was born on July 15th, 1946. This is our short biography of the richest and most feared man in the history of sports betting, Billy Walters.

His marriage was very short lived due to the fact he was so young.

Each time he sold a car, he mailed a self-promotion letter to 10 people living on each side of that customer's home. His legendary status is something that many gamblers will talk about for decades to come. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); Required fields are marked *. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-source'); People make mistakes — the only difference is how public or drastic they are. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. It  took a long time for Walters to find the systems that worked best for his bets.

Through his meticulous research, Billy figured out that the Golden Nugget used an older roulette wheel that had a statistical bias toward certain numbers. Billy claims to have a lifelong 57% winning percentage on his sports bets.

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His true-life story is greater than fiction and should be turned into a screenplay. So, how does one become the most successful gambler in the world? Billy was making wagers by the age of five and betting on sports by the time he was nine. Billy actually owns four golf courses, seven homes, eight car dealerships, and has a $20 million private jet. Calculated risk? Now he’s scheduled to serve 60 months in federal prison. Walters also became part of the first serious computer-betting syndicate, The Computer Group, which revolutionized sports betting in the 1980s by feeding all the data they compiled into a digital database. He’s known as a sports bettor who gets the best information, gets the best number, then makes his decisions.

Since sports betting involves humans, there is no deterministic edge to the house or the gambler. He was once asked if there was anything that he doesn't gamble on. In a gambling career that spans more than three decades, Billy has definitely had losing days and losing weeks, but somehow he has never had a losing year. That means there is no set bottom price for the property. Despite gambling since he was nine years old, Walters did not experience good luck until he was in his mid-thirties.

So, if the highest bid on August 15th is $567, the bidder gets the place for $567. The first time this legendary bettor decided to gamble was when he was only 9. He has numerous notable bets and some that the public doesn’t even know about. But not all was lost, the Golden Nugget (now called the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel) decided to accept the offer. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); part of the Billy Walters’s public figure & story. Walters saw how much she struggled and he wanted to do what he could to help. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img');

It is this research that led to his $3.8  million assault on the Atlantic City Golden Nugget's roulette wheel in 1986. July 13, 2020, 9:18 pm, by You’ve found a like-minded tribe that cherishes what a free press stands for. Billy Walters was born in July in 1946 and was raised by his grandmother in a home with no running water or indoor plumbing. Then Walters goes into action, instructing his partners to place a bigger bet on the favorite once the line is where he wants it. You may think this is because he was a stubborn child, but Billy knew something we didn’t — gambling takes practice. He would look for car ads in the daily newspapers and trade with the sellers. This works because bookmakers need the same amount of money on both sides of the game, so they are then forced to lower the line in order to attract more bettors to place money on the favorite. At the very young age of just seven years old, Walters was able to obtain a bank loan for forty dollars to start his own grass cutting business.

He places bets through  anonymous associates he calls "partners" – none of whom know each other. The most interesting part of the book is the constant butting of heads between Michael and the managers of the the various sportbooks.

This is the part of the Billy Walters’s public figure & story that is perfect for a high stakes scene in a movie. Billy used his entire paper route savings to make his first sports bet. However, it would have been just as good at 260 pages.
If you can spend another couple of minutes making a pledge of as little as $5, you’ll feel like a superhero defending democracy for less than the cost of a month of Netflix. For instance, if Walters thinks the favorite is going to win but doesn't like the line, he will bet on the underdog. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Michael Konik's book, "The Smart Money" should be an exciting page-turner of a book. He spent from 1967 until 1972 working at Steven’s Brothers Auto Sales as a sales manager. There are certain people that live extraordinary lives and their life story would capture audiences. A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the insider trading conviction and five-year prison sentence of famed Las Vegas sports gambler William "Billy" Walters… In this day and age, all injury reports for the NFL and NBA are pretty easy to find online. The Billy Walter’s story truly is an American success and should be told to the world.